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Introducing Food Sharing Cases in Seoul

June 23, 2016

In Seoul, most sharing spaces consist sharing kitchens. These sharing kitchen spaces often collabora

The proliferation of a sharing culture in Seoul’s apartments

June 23, 2016

From cars to bikes to laundry rooms, everything is up for sharing. Can you imagine what sharing cult


Why is sharing attracting so much attention? Because sharing is a reasonable and sustainable way of living. Rationally thinking, this way of life--the vicious circle of buying and dumping should stop, especially for our future. We now have the network, the Internet. We can find people who would use the unused of ours usefully. We can be happy with what we already have when we share. Sharing makes more sense. More affordable, green, and people-loving. We will see sharing in our daily lives more and more in near future. Many people are seeing the economic, environmental, and problem-solving possibility of sharing. Come and see where this movement will take you to. That is why Share Hub wants to talk about sharing with hope and enthusiasm.


Share Hub is a project powered by Creative Commons Korea. Share Hub brings news and information related to sharing activities in Korea on Share Hub also provides a directory of various sharing services and projects happening in Korea like a phone book for easy browsing on Korean sharing movement. Finally, Share Hub runs on and off line campaigns and seminars in order to raise awareness and engage general public participation on sharing. Especially, Share Hub is sponsored by Seoul City under “Seoul Metropolitan Government Act for Promoting Sharing.” This Act includes opening City Goverment data and contents, sharing municipally owned idle spaces, and supporting sharing economy services. You can reach Share Hub at


2014 ShareHub Annual Report

Seoul declared itself to be the Sharing City, meaning a city that 'sharing' is actively happening. Sharing is significant in ways that idle resources can be effectively utilized, local economy can be vitalized, neighborhood can tie up, and environment can be preserved. You can share any resources: time, space, talents, goods, information, etc.
Social demand on welfare, environment, and jobs is highly increasing, but hardship exist because of limited budget and resources. Drastic urbanization made people lose the sense of community spirit, and the excessive consumption caused resource depletion and pollution. Seoul would like to solve the economical, social, and environmental problems with the new way, "sharing."
First, sharing allows us to gain more benefits with fewer or less resources since it enhances the usefulness of resources. Second, when the sharing economy becomes reinvigorated, it can create new jobs and added values. Third, sharing can contribute to the recovery of the disappearing sense of community since sharing promotes a trust-based, reciprocal economy. Fourth, sharing contributes to resolving environmental problems caused by excessive consumption.
Development of “Sharing City” infrastructure • Support for sharing organizations or businesses • Campaigns for engaging citizens’ participation • Incubation of Sharing City Seoul projects • Improvement on existing statutes and institutions to be more sharing-friendly

2015 Sharing City Seoul Infographic

Looking for a sharing service?

This list features the companies, organizations that make Seoul a shareable city.