2016 2nd Sharing companies and organizations designated SMG announced!

We introduced the 1st sharing companies and organizations designated by Seoul in May. Now it’s time to introduce the 2nd list of sharing companies and organizations! (Drum roll sound)
Everyone, please join us celebrating these rising-star sharing companies and organizations!



1. Jienem (http://jienem.dothome.co.kr/jienem/)
Seoul has already been one of the most popular tourist destination. Not only Chinese youke and other foreign tourists but also local people prefer to have a new and unique travel experience and as a result the demand for local guest houses is continuously increasing. “Jienem” is a sharing company that catches the trend and move quickly to enter the market. With partnerships with more than 300 guesthouses nationwide, Jienem offers an online-to-offline guesthouse booking service where people can look through various accommodations at a glance and make a booking. The website of the service called “MONSTAY” offers lodging recommendations by theme, which might be useful for those who want to plan a trip and book an accommodation that suits their needs at once. Also you might want to subscribe to its Facebook page which offers tips on how to use a guesthouse and various information related to travel and accommodation.



2. Light Share (http://www.lightshare365.com/)
Light Share is a goods sharing service whose name stands for “making the world lighter.” It is a platform where anyone can post their item online and via mobile and share it to others, and at the same time find, reserve, and receive an item that he or she needs. From small toys, baby carriages, car seats, to tools, various items are offered at reasonable prices through the service, in the hope of helping people have reliable sharing experience and broadening the community of sharing.



3. Ruach Co-working Space (http://www.ruachcw.com/)
Ruach is a co-working space located near Mapo subway station. Many people from start-ups, young entrepreneurs, freelancers, one-man businesses, to general learners can share the space at decent prices. The facility is open 24 hours and various services are provided such as free wi-fi, cafe, individual heating system, lockers, powder room, meeting rooms, business registration certificate support, etc. You can enjoy all of these only at about 110,000 Korean Won – the most cost effective solution, isn’t it? For those who are working alone and sometimes feel lonely, Ruach also runs networking programs and helps people build a community with others. So why not checking out?



4. Planetory (Bilbook) (https://www.bilbook.kr/book/rental/index)
Bilbook is a company that was mentioned in a recent article about local sharing portal sites as a service that was also featured in “Sharing Seongnam.” It’s a pleasure to feature them again! Bilbookis a service for sharing college textbooks. Buying expensive textbooks each semester can pose a great financial burden to college students. But if they are to be used only for a semester, why not borrowing them at decent prices? It is not only good for people who want to borrow textbooks; people who have unused textbooks at home can lend them to others through “Keeping” service or earn profits by “Selling” them.



5. Hidden Book (https://www.facebook.com/hiddenbook)
Hidden Book is a social venture committed to discovering unknown libraries and creating a reading society. While there are more than six thousand small local libraries across the country, most people don’t know about and therefore can’t take advantage of those local libraries in their neighborhood. Recognizing this situation, Hidden Book team goes around all over the country carrying mats and books to carry on “Mat Library” campaign which is aimed at giving people better access to books and helping them learn about the joy of reading. I hope I can experience the program myself sometime!


As you have seen, companies and organizations from various areas, such as tourism/accommodations, goods, space, textbooks, and campaigns, made it to the list of 2nd Sharing Companies and Organizations designated by Seoul in 2016. :) A big round of applause to all designated companies and organizations!
Last but not least, here’s an important tip – the application for the 3rd round of the designation of sharing company/organization is now open! If you are running a sharing company or organization, check out and apply if you are interested! :)