Zipbob gatherings goes global

20140601 Global Sharing Day!

June 1st was Global Sharing Day. Many sharing communities around the world including Korea celebrated it by having various events. Share Hub and Zipbob raised a campaign about sharing food with the neighbors, local gatherings.


#1 Zipbob gatherings goes global

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This campaign was officially registered to Global Sharing Day communication site “The People Who Share.” ( Zipbob and Share Hub were both introduced as country partners. As Korea sharing movement activists, we were happy to get exposed to fellow sharing people all around the world. Our campaign was a success last year, and it was even better when we could show it to everybody!

#2 This is how we roll with food!

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“Suwon Local Food Meeting” had a fun night at a local restaurant, having tasty dishes with some beer. There’s absolutely nothing like cold beer in Korean June weather.

Not only sharing food, but also some manga and cultural talks! “Rolling in the Local Comicbook Store” also had a gathering. It’s an adult’s privilege not to be yelled at by her parents after reading comics for hours. Glad we are grownups after all those years!

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영등포동네모임 영등포동네모임2

At Youngdeungpo, Seoul, there was a midnight grill party. Some say the Moon rises high and meat tastes delightful, and some say steak after midnight is 0 kcal. Whatever people might think, those meat-lovers had a blast. Don’t forget the wonderful music for some digestive dancing!

The word ‘sharing’ can sound somewhat vague, but it is actually very easy. You can begin with a dinner with your neighbor. Having some conversation, finding each other’s resources and needs, and then you are ready to share. Too awkward to knock on random people’s door? You can always try a social dining platform something like Zipbob. Remember, everything is better together.