3rd list of SMG-designated Sharing Companies and Organizations is out

Hello from Share Hub! It feels it’s not been that long since we saw the 2nd list of Sharing Companies/Organizations designated by SMG, right? But the 3rd list is out already! Let’s check who have made it to the list this time.

1. Share and rent tangible/intangible items freely | Danalssocio




Danalssocio is a C2C(Customer-to-Customer) sharing portal service that enables individuals to share tangible/intangible items freely with each other. A user can post an item he or she wants to share to a mobile application called “Ssocio” and then others who need that item can rent it by simply clicking “sharing.” Users can also purchase various products from toys, baby products such as stroller, IT devices, kitchen appliances to designer handbags at reasonable prices. You can see various items already on the timeline!^0^ If you are interested in rational consumption, you may find this service useful.
2. For a happier world for the senior | Hummingb



Hummingb is a start-up founded in 2014 seeking to propose a way of living a smart and warmhearted life through an integration of ICT, Human, and Service.
Lately single-person household has become a social trend. Hummingb offers a platform business that is committed to improving the living environment of the senior and other one-person households by providing support for their self-care, care for family, care for parents, and self-reliance of the senior. In particular, Hummingb helps senior citizens share their skills and develop and sell related products, and runs a social dining project to build communities.


3. Share opportunities! | Teamsquare




Teamsquare is a social networking service that enables sharing opportunities that would otherwise been missed and collaboration. What a creative idea, isn’t it? Users can receive updates on opportunities curated daily by interest, region, and keyword to be connected to new businesses and projects more easily and effectively. Download and try Teamsquare app if you are looking for new opportunities and connections!


4. For a happier world for moms | CL Infonet




CL Infonet is Korea’s top marketplace business for baby/kid products that has made efforts to establish a culture of recycling and fair consumption of baby/kid products through an online marketplace called “I-baby” since November 1999. Beyond its core business, the company has been committed to offering “a life platform for a happier world for moms” by supporting Anabada movement – or Conserve, Share, Exchange and Reuse movement – among its users and building a community where users share warmth with each other. It’s a highly recommended service especially for people with kids!


5. Building a forum for supporting vulnerable artists and sharing/securing visual art content | Alternative Visual Culture Factory I-GONG






Alternative visual culture factory I-GONG is an organization specialized in designing and running visual art projects. I-GONG has made efforts to help motivate vulnerable artists who have difficulty in actively engaging in creative activities and help them better engage with audiences; to create and secure markets for them; and to improve financial conditions and welfare of creators in a sustainable manner by promoting sharing of visual art content. In addition, it also runs various programs including distribution of media art works, education and research program, new media festival, and a media theater. Check out if you are interested in creating or sharing video and photography works!
As you see, they are all from various areas, ranging from secondhand products, experience of the elderly, opportunities, baby products to media art content. We can’t wait to see more interesting achievements from them all in the future. Keep it up!