A Handbook for Going on Vacation in Sharing!


Korea has a long spell of rainy weather in summer, but still many people are waiting for summer because of vacation. Planning a vacation is very hard because it is needed to decide everything such as ‘when’ to go, ‘where’ to go, ‘what’ to do and other realistic constraints. However, the most important thing is how to enjoy vacation. Then, how about spending your vacation with a difference? Share Hub suggest you to go on vacation with sharing.


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1. Enjoying your vacation in shared room

What expected you the most about vacation? food? entertainment? However, many people could agree that the biggest worry is accommodation. It is hard to find a room because people head everywhere in the country during vacation. I recommend to use a ‘sharing idea’ to find an empty room. It can be fun experience enjoying new kinds of accommodation.


– Dormsurfing

‘Dormsurfing’ is a combination of the words ‘dormitory’ and ‘surfing’. This is an accommodation service to share a left over dormitory room. Woosuk university where located Jeollabuk-do Wanju will hold on dormsurfing from July 29th to August 11th. Room fee is 10$ per person. It is good chance to stay in university dormitory and have a special time.




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– Kozaza

Kozza is a room share service to provide an idle room. Especially, Kozaza offers a variety of themed Hanok stay from Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village to Jeonju Hanok Village. Hanok is traditional Korean-style house. It is good place to recommend foreign friend to get a taste of Korea.



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– BnB Hero

Dormitory or Hanok would be good, but here is one more thing for someone who wants to stay in comfortable place. Especially, holding a big local event like International exhibition is not enough room to accommodate visitors, so BnB Hero helps think kind of problem. Many residents rent their houses and spare rooms to tourists who are otherwise unable to find a hotel room through BnB Hero. Also, people can obtain information which only knows local residents from host.




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Recommended route – sharing travel to Jeolla-do! First stay in Jeonju at dormsurfing, having traditional experience and doing Hanok stay at Jeonju Hanok Village. Lastly, visiting Suncheon international exhibition and staying comfortable accommodation!


2. Enjoying travel in the city

It is nice plan to go to mountain or beach, but getting new experience and knowledge would be valuable through travel. It may be unfamiliar with traveling in city, but, people do not know well their surrounding place than they may think. For that reason, here I prepare to look around the city through sharing.


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 – Seochon and Bukchon, tours of ancient palace, and gallery tour in Cheongdam.

There are many places you may not have known in seoul. how about finding the hidden Seoul charms. To enjoy city travel, you can get a help from ‘My real trip’ and ‘Play planet’. You can enjoy a variety of themed travels, such as Seochon and Bukchon, tours of ancient palace, and gallery tour in Cheongdam. ‘My real trip’ and ‘Play planet’ provide for connecting service between local residents and tourists in order to make a special tour. This services are not only in Korea, but also they are in Europe countries and the US. Best tour in ‘My real trip’ is Seochon tour which served from the author of ‘Seochon direction’ in order for helping tourists to understand Seochon in depth. Also, profits will use for making better Seochon. It will be helpful to be aware of unfamiliar place.



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 – Sharing thinking and experience in the Wisdom

It is time to get to know about people live in the city. Wisdom is experience sharing platform to arrange a meeting to share thinking and experience together. Experience sharing does not have to share a success story, but it is just to share from small things. Wisdom meeting is not a typical speech that speaker talks and audience listen the speech, but speaker picks an easy topic to tell the human stories.


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Recommended route – Have a wander around Seoul using ‘My real trip’ and ‘Play planet’. Then, go to Wisdom meeting. Legs may hurt a little, but heart will be warmed by city people stories.


3. Taking a rest with sharing

“In Omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro” – Everywhere I have searched for peace and nowhere found it, except in a corner with a book

– Quote by Thomas a Kempis who is theologian in the 15th century.


Sometimes, staying home is the best vacation. Let you sleep and eat as much as you want. It is almost literally, a rest. If you are bored to death, ‘sharing’ can lend books. ‘Guk Min library Bookshelf’ helps you to easily read a book. ‘Guk Min library Bookshelf’ is online library service to put books of many people together so that it is able to borrow books. This 24/7 library is running by books which read already through. People can send a book and borrow 20,000 books through the service. It is good for you who want to take a rest and prepare a better tomorrow.


Recommended route – Take a rest. Too much rest bored you to tears, then lend a book that especially, ‘Share Hub’ recommend.


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