[Gwanak-gu – Autonomous region] Borrow daily tools from the nearest real estate, now!

Where can I borrow  daily tools in my neighborhood?


In Gwanak-gu, Seoul, you can now borrow daily tools from 21 real estate offices for free.


This is because Gwanak-gu has operated a ‘daily tools rental service’ that lends daily tools at 21 residence centers, but there was not much demand.

In the case of residence center, it closes relatively early on weekends and doesn’t open on weekends so it was difficult to use for those who are working.

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In order to solve these problems, Gwanak-gu decided to provide the same service in the neighborhood real estate offices by considering the situation of the policy consumer.

This is because in the case of real estates, there are many places that open late even on weekdays or weekends.


The real estates have a designated sticker that indicates if it rents tools. The box is composed of 15 types of tools that are used frequently in our daily lives such as electric hammer drill, hammer, saw, monkey wrench, etc.


Anyone who lives in Gwanak-gu can borrow these tools for free by simply presenting their ID Card and filling out an application form.

The rental period of 2 days, and the usage period can be extended once ^^

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