We Want to Share What Happened at CC Conference!

November 05, 2013

On October 31st Thursday, CC Conference ‘공유본색(“The Real Face of Sharing”)’ was held at D.CAMP. It was an opportunity to listen to lectures from people with various background, learn ways of perceiving the essential of sharing from different angles, and imagine the possible changes that sharing can make together.


Share Week? Share Everyday!

November 05, 2013

Seoul City was full of sharing hearts, because of Share Week from October 25th through November 1st. Sharing economy is not a new concept, but it is cultural extension from what we used to have. We just recognized how sharing can make our life richer than before.

Photo Campaign

Photo Campaign

November 04, 2013

Share & Photo is project of Share Hub, and it is focus on digital contents especially photo. It is difficult to find particular pictures with CCL(Creative Commons License) in order to use for presentation materials, writing SNS(Social Network Service), doing homework, and so on.


Let’s Share at Flea Market

October 23, 2013

I prepare something for you who are likely not to put doing idea of sharing into practice. It is ‘flea market’! Flea market is a tradition of old standing in other countries to put unused clothes and household items up for sale. Especially, some flea markets in a big city like Paris and Munich are very crowded with visitors, and it is regarded as place for sharing.


Let’s Share an Empty Parking Lot!

October 10, 2013

Sharing idle space like empty room and remaining office is no longer new, but there is still unused space, a parking lot. I guess everyone has experience to have a trouble finding a parking space. Here is good news for anyone spend times looking for a place to park. Now, parking lot begins to receive attention as shared objects..

Book Review

Book Review – Chance is Hiding in the Tragedy.

October 07, 2013

There are shepherd boys, sheep, grass feeding sheeps, and meadow where does not belong to anyone. People will lose everything when people attempt to much to feed their sheep in public meadow. Garrett Hardin called ‘the tragedy of the commons’. To tackle this problem, shepherds divided meadow in order to manage it, so it became plentiful grass, but it caused ‘gridlock’ which is too small to breed sheep rich grass.


Sowing the Seed of Starting School – Yeol Lin Chaek Jang, Kang Hwa-pyung

October 02, 2013

There was a young man who came to Seoul and back to Daejeon every weekends of August. The concept of sharing economy was relatively unknown at provincial cities, so he wanted to get information about sharing economy. His passion for learning was amazing. Also, he showd his leadership as a leader of class. He opened his service, Yeol Lin Chaek Jang, which means ‘the open bookshelf’.


September 2013 CC Salon “The Hidden Power of Data is in Sharing”

October 01, 2013

CC Korea conducted September CC Salon in Seoul as an occasion for knowing more about data sharing. We have invited Yoon-won Choi from Newstapa Data Journalism Lab and Hyung-Kyu Ryu from Mania DB..


Sowing the Seed of Starting School – Chak Han Hanbok, Kim Chang-ok

September 26, 2013

We interviewed Kim in writing. It could be helpful for someone who wants to establish a business based on sharing economy..


Sowing the Seed of Sharing onto Business Startup

September 16, 2013

Recently, economic recession is interlinked with youth employment so that central government and local government are dedicated to supporting business start-up. Most of all, there is a rising interest about sharing economy which is use of idle resources to create new value.