[Share Hub News] “The value of together” Young people sharing is the future

November 28, 2017

    Millennials in Asia are entering the age of “sharing” rather than “ownership”. With the advent of the Internet and the economic downturn, millennials are showing a distinctively different pattern of consumption from previous generations. There have recently been […]


[Sharing City Seoul] 2017 Youth Seongbuk Sharing Economy School Presentation

November 28, 2017

  What is a sharing economy? What are we sharing around us? What can we share moving forward?   Last November 1, Seongbuk-gu held the 2017 Youth Seongbuk Sharing Economy School Presentation at the Seongbuk-gu Village Social Economic Center.   […]


[Share Hub Column] A living space that transforms from ownership to social use

November 20, 2017

    Is it necessary to buy a house? From a sharing economy point of view, it might be natural for you to think of this. This is because you could simply share instead of splurging on something expensive. However, […]


[Sharing City Seoul] First establishment of the ‘Private Shared Bicycle Operation Standard’

November 20, 2017

  The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it has initially set up a standard for the operation of a private shared bicycle in the nation’s municipalities.   □ In recent years, shared bicycle companies, which are emerging as new business […]


[Company interview] Korea Parking Sharing Service

November 09, 2017

    #Korea Parking Sharing Service_NO.1 Parking Sharing Star Parking Sharing you my house’s parking lot   Parking is always an issue when you drive to downtown areas. Private parking is too expensive. The comparatively cheaper public parking lot is […]


[Company interview] Cinegg

November 09, 2017

#Cinegg_Various independent film sharing services   The town hall has become a movie theater?! Cinegg plays a variety of movies in a spare theater.   Should I watch a movie? Most people think of “movies” when the term “cultural life” […]


[Company Interview] Frientrip

November 09, 2017

  #Frientrip_Activity Sharing Service Do you want to do a hobby together? Activity sharing platform, Frip   What if you want to try out an exciting and unique leisure activity, but you don’t know what to do? Connect to Frip. […]


[Company interview] Danalssocio

November 07, 2017

  #Danal Ssocio_A fun sharing and user experience without buying #Danal Ssocio CEO Lee Sang-mu     The CEO of Ssocio – a sharing portal app that operates a sharing economy – Lee Sang-mu is a graduate of Economics at […]


[Company interview] Eunpyeong ePoomasi

November 07, 2017

    #Eunpyeong ePoomasi_Goods Sharing Service Modern Poomasi, isn’t that a sharing economy? Eunpyeong ePoomasi, making a life to live together.     Mrs. A, a working mom who lives in Eunpyeong, doesn’t have a place to leave her child […]


[Sharing City Seoul] Seongbuk-gu, Video Sketch of Sharing Town Briefing Session for Residents

November 07, 2017

Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, has recruited sharing apartments to open and utilize common facilities for residents in apartment complexes; therebysetting up a ‘Seongbuk Sharing Town’ The “Seongbuk Sharing Town” pilot construction project was selected last July at Seoul City’s “2017 Sharing Town […]