Global Network of ShareHub

Since 2013, based in Seoul, Share Hub has built a network by engaging with organizations around the world and activists in different cities who advance the agenda of sharing economy and collaborative consumption. We are pleased to introduce organizations and social enterprises around the world who play a similar role to that of us and events we have participated.


Shareable is a nonprofit media outlet and action network that empowers people to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world. We inspire social change by publishing stories, analysis, and tools in collaboration with our global partners.

Shareable was a pioneering catalyst for the sharing cities movement through their groundbreaking publishing efforts and community actions and maintains the position of being leading publication covering Seoul, Sharing City and the global sharing cities movement. Neal Gorenflo, Shareable’s executive director, is a member of Seoul metropolitan government’s Sharing Economy International Advisory Board.

Seoul Metropolitan Government

In 2012, Seoul Metropolitan Government declared to become a Sharing City and focused on building infrastructure. SMG created “Sharing City Team” under Social Innovation Bureau in 2015, and the team focuses on developing policies and institutions for Sharing City, collaborating with local districts in Seoul, and closely working with Share Hub team.