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[Infographic] Sharing City Seoul: 4 years’ achievements

December 27, 2016

In Sep 2012, Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its Sharing City Seoul initiative. Since it declared to become the world’s first city to adopt the concept of sharing city, SMG has built a foundation as a sharing city while lots of […]


Sharing Projects in Seoul through Infograghics

September 05, 2016

How many sharing companies are there in Seoul? What they share? What are the main categories and activies? As many people are curious about current state of sharing projects in Seoul, Sharehub asked some questions directly to sharing companies and organization. […]

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One out of every two Seoul citizens has heard of “Sharing City” policy – results of a survey of the public awareness of Sharing City Seoul policy

July 19, 2016

  How much citizens know about Seoul’s Sharing City Seoul policy? Seoul Metropolitan Government conducted a related survey last May with a sample of 2,500 adults aged 19+ who reside in Seoul. The awareness rate was 49.3% – in other […]

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‘Seoul draws a city through sharing’ E-book

March 15, 2016

<Seoul draws a city through sharing> E-book     It has been 3 years since the Sharing City initiative set sail by the collaborative efforts of government, businesses, organizations, expert groups, and citizens. This book was an effort to share […]