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Do you want to do a hobby together?

Activity sharing platform, Frip


What if you want to try out an exciting and unique leisure activity, but you don’t know what to do? Connect to Frip.

You can participate in various outdoor and sports activities such as running, hiking, paragliding, surfing, crafting, and even festival-type activities such as Peace Butterfly Run, Cheongchun Relay Race, and so on.


Frip is a platform that allows new people to enjoy activities together. If you want to perform your hobbies, but don’t have a specific person to meet, or if you’re the type of person who doesn’t know what kind of leisure activities to do, Frip provides a meeting place for you.


For example, if you want to surf, you can become a host and start looking for people who want to join you. In addition, you can also participate in ongoing surfing programs. How did the CEO of Frip, Mr. Im, come to think of this shared platform?



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Something special in your everyday life


“I was thinking about how I could enjoy my leisure activities together with other people. Even by just doing a bit of  new activity,  big changes are created in our lives, and yet we are just doing the same routine every day.

I think that we can change our daily routine by doing a notable activity, like travelling the world.

But I believe that it’s more important to create something small but special in our everyday lives. Like a hobby.”


CEO Im thinks that the lack of diversity in leisure activities among Korean people was due to the unestablished culture in enjoying leisure activities.

As such, Frientrip’s mission is, “We inspire people to experience the world.”

As a leader in the activity market, CEO Im’s ambition to transform people’s leisure live is evident.



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Something that’s difficult to be done alone, but if we were together,


The advantage of Frientrip is that you can try out a common outdoor activity that’s often not easily accessible. Popular events include paragliding, surfing, and cycling.

If you attend an event run by experienced hosts, you’ll also get the chance to attain their know-hows. Once you meet people on Frip, it becomes easy to tick off the items on your bucket list which are slightly burdensome to actually try them out, or if you have things that you don’t have the courage to do alone.


Another advantage is that they have niche contents. The Peace Butterfly Run, which is a donation marathon for restoring the dignity of grandmothers who used to be comfort women, as well as the Cheongchun Relay Run, a running festival of the youth, are all well-known on social media.


Recently, there were also events for <Flower Sensibility Project in the Middle of the City>, which is to go to the flower market in Shinchon and <Autumn Rooftop Party>, which allows you to enjoy a party on a roof.

There is also a day-long project to perform morning yoga and then  enjoy the exhibitions at the Seoul Metropolitan Library, as well as a party to enjoy autumn songs in a hidden place in Seoul.



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Upon seeing Frip’s potential, many companies have offered to work together. Recently, Frip is working with Camp Danofit for a weekend exercise diet project.

There are various sports activities such as small props Pilates, introduction to classical ballet, Zumba dance, hula dance, stretching, and so on.

With Le Coq Sportif, it’s running a cycling activity in the Moonlight Square of the Han River entitled <Drawing with Riding>.

They’re also conducting cultural activities with AK PLAZA.



 ‘Share’ your hobbies.


If people gathered at Frip started enjoying the culture of leisure and travel, will that not make our lives more diversified like what CEO Im said?

“Sharing something, not just leisure activities, is not a sparkling trend, but rather a flow that will continue in the future. This is because it’s much more economical to share than to own something.”

The idea of sharing leisure was new, but it was not without difficulties. CEO Im said that the most difficult part was saying goodbye to the people he met while running his business.



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“Ever since I launched my business, it was a series of difficulties every day. It’s still tough. I think that entrepreneurship should be a means to solve a problem.

Therefore, the most important thing is to define what you want to solve, and figure out on your own how much you want to solve this problem.

If there’s anyone who’d like to launch a start-up, I would like to tell you to jump into a field that you think is a pressing problem.

If there isn’t a pressing problem, I think there is no need to start a business. I want to tell you to be bold but always be humble.”



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For CEO Im, innovating the leisure and travel culture was a pressing problem he wanted to solve. We hope that Frip, the leisure activity platform provided by a professional host, will be able to create a new culture that goes beyond simply connecting people.