Did you enjoy Sharing City Seoul Fair?

It was a beautiful Saturday with mild sunshine and cool breeze – a perfect weather to visit the Sharing City Seoul Fair!

The Sharing City Seoul Fair, held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza on May 30th, is an annual occasion launched last year where many sharing economy companies, organisations and local governments participated to bring together various voices from different fields and different ages.

From the entrance of Alimteo, the blue peanut logo of “Sharing City Seoul” was everywhere to welcome expo visitors.

The outdoor area was already filled with an array of workshops and experience programs.

Teenagers brought their items to “the Sharing Market,” or barter market, to exchange them with other items and were given a U-Clean Concert ticket as a bonus.



Two major local car sharing services – Green Car and SOCAR – displayed their rental vehicles in the outdoor area. SOCAR held a giveaway event where people win a free coupon to use SOCAR’s service if they can open one of its exhibited cars with the cards they draw from the lottery box – another fun way of experiencing car sharing services!




There was also a sweet way to promote and help people experience Seoul’s public bicycle service: Visitors pedalled stationary bicycles to generate electricity, and then the electricity was used to make cotton candies. People of all ages took a little light exercise and enjoyed the sweet treat in return.



A group of young high school girls were awaiting visitors around the plaza leading to the main venue, to promote the event and sharing economy to passers-by.

These young and cheerful students were also actively engaged in making an enjoyable event in the main venue. They ran various side events including an O/X quiz and a dice game to add more fun and gave away vouchers that could be exchanged for gifts at their high school’s booth.



A poster exhibition titled “A day of Mr. and Ms. Sharing” showed how people find out ways not only to save resources but also to share warmth with neighbors in our daily lives through sharing.




Many sharing economy companies participated in the exhibition clearly demonstrated how the idea of sharing could be realized, whether they are cars, suits, gardens, or talent.

In the exhibition booths, a wide range of colourful stories were waiting to meet visitors: various know-how gained from experiences; second-hand business suits with personal stories and memories of the donors; child-care projects; talent donation; sharing of maternity/childbirth/childcare items such as children’s clothing; up-cycled items that would otherwise be discarded.

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Various kinds of sharing practices – from home sharing, accommodation sharing to office sharing – were presented as well. To learn more about other participating companies and organisations that are not covered in this article, visit the links bel0w:


/ BnBHero CC Partners/ Kozaza, a home sharing service/ Modu Parking

Social Mentoring Ittda /BnBHero CC Partners /Kozaza, a home sharing service/Modu Parking /Coco Farms /Seoul Social Standard /Honghap Valley / Busking TV

Open Closet /Dreaming Acorn /Join Us Korea /Play Planet /Quriously Airklass/Recycle City/ Jarakdang/ Seoul City Public Bicycle / Dongduk Girls’ High School/ I WILL Center Gwangjin branch & Boramae branch / I WILL Center Changdong branch and Myeongji branch / Gu-district office – Mapo-gu (Seoul Design High School) / Gu-district offices (Seodaemun-gu, Jongno-gu)



The variety of the 3rd Sharing City Seoul Fair was truly highlighted by the performances of many amazing artists who shared their talent pro bono.


We appreciate again all who gave passers-by and visitors a moment to pause and enjoy live performances in the outdoor area and added another layer of colors to the relaxed mood of the Saturday afternoon. We hope this year’s Sharing City Seoul Fair serves as an inspiration to help more people appreciate values and benefits of sharing and to spread the culture of sharing to the public.