[Geumcheon-gu – Autonomous Region] Let’s share unused children’s supplies together!

금천구 장난감 대여 영문 배너


Geumcheon-gu, share unused children’s supplies through an online platform!


People have been sharing children’s toys, baby products, books, etc. which have a relatively short business cycle than other items with their neighbors by centering on daycare centers. By doing this, they have signed a contract with Picksell, i-Baby, and various daycare centers.


This sharing business uses an online sharing platform, which is being provided by sharing companies Picksell (www.picksell.co.kr) and i-Baby (www.i-baby.co.kr), making it easy to share and sell children’s supplies.


If you are interested to participate, please visit Picksell or i-Baby’s website, or sign at the mobile app then apply for a pick-up visit. Afterwards, the sharing company goes to the house, collects and examines the product, then the payment is deposited. In addition, if you would like to individually participate in the children’s supplies sharing business, you can also directly send them through couriers so please take note of this.


Sharing things that your child hasn’t used a lot such as clean toys, children’s complete works, etc. to your neighbors would help in your family’s finances, resource conservation, and recycling – so you get 3 effects in 1.

Why don’t you participate in children’s supplies sharing services to enjoy these various benefits? ^^