Highlights of 2016 Sharing Seoul Festival – Day 1



Hello from Share Hub! November 6 was the first day of Sharing Seoul Festival 2016. Many companies, organizations and citizens related to sharing economy gathered to discuss and learn about recent trends of sharing economy. And here are some of the highlights of Day 1!






First, the opening ceremony! There were so many people to celebrate the opening of the festival. Following the stage of hip-hop music and b-boying performance spicing up the event, Mayor Park Won-soon delivered an opening address to start off the festival.





When we entered the event hall, there were presentations of various sharing companies to introduce their services, activities and events in the Sharing Company Zone located in the Art Hall 1 of DDP. More than 20 sharing companies/organizations were running their booths in different sections categorized by types of shared resources – from cars, products, space, to experience/knowledge. Open Closet booth was one of them.



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There was a booth run by Seven Pictures, a crowdfunding platform for art. On site, visitors could share an artist’s project through social networks to donate 1,000 won to the artist and receive a booklet of the artist’s works.




A section was dedicated to car-sharing services. Green Car, Socar, and a parking-lot-sharing-service called “ParkingPlex” developed by Ino-on were participating as exhibitors.





CL Infonet that runs a service called “i-Baby” and was also included in the 3rd list of a sharing companies designated by SMG as well as Seoul Bike Ddareungi were also welcoming visitors. Seoul Bike team was running experience booth where kids were riding a stationary bike to make cotton candy.




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This is a booth for Eunpyeong Sharing Center, one of the major product sharing organization that help citizens borrow tools that they don’t use very often on a daily basis and so may find it too much to purchase at a nominal fee. In addition, the center helps sharing not only physical products but also knowledge or experience. Especially for this event some lecturers of woodworking, calligraphy, and leather crafting were there to help visitors experience DIY projects. I also participated in making a wooden mechanical pen.


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The next was Kumjadonge booth. Kumjadonge is a social enterprise specialized in recycling committed to making an eco-friendly and sustainable society by disassembling and recycling used toys and baby/kid products. The photo above shows disassembled toy materials separated by material. There was an experience session where kids used those materials to create their own toy. YANG Ji-won from Jungwon-gu, Seongnam said, “It was interesting to see various materials composing toys you used to play with. And it’s also fun to use them to create something new.”


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By the entrance of the exhibition hall, Hidden Book, one of sharing companies designated by SMG, was inviting visitors to stop by its “Mat Library.” ^_^ Many books and small chairs were spread all over the mat to welcome visitors and kids who want to rest and read books.




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In the afternoon, there was a presentation of the outcome of POST Hackathon and an exhibition tour organized by Art Center Nabi. This hackathon was held with the theme of Prototyping of “Sharing Eco City” participated by 8 groups of creators in various areas including media artists, bio hacker groups, civic hackers, artists, makers, and architects to come up with creative attempts and alternative solutions to improve the environment of Sharing City Seoul. Share Hub team visited the hackathon which ran for three days and will share more about the teams participating in the hackathon and their stories in more detail. In this article, let me give you a glimpse into how the event went.:)


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This photo shows Code for Incheon presenting their outcome. Their project is about showing major trending topics in the region on the map and connecting stories of citizens who share similar concerns and interests.


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Despite the cold weather, several programs were going on outside. Social dining group Zipbob laid out tables and patio umbrellas for people to have some coffee, snacks, and pizza while making friends. It was a bit awkward in the beginning, but Zipbob organizers led the group to help them share their stories and experiences and naturally get to know each other. Participants switch tables every 15 minutes to interview each other with the guidance of Zipbob organizers and to participate in games to get to be friends with others.




Along the pathway between the Oullim Square where open-air experience booths were installed and the Art Hall 1, talent-sharing performances of various groups such as Acoustic, Noisy Voice, Magician LEE Jong-wook, and Guitar Carry were entertaining the festival visitors as well as passers-by with their great music and stage performances.
The first day of the Sharing Seoul Festival was full of exciting projects. Hope anyone who was reading this and found out about the festival had a chance to check out the event on the second day.:) And stay tuned for more updates about the festival!