Honghap Valley’s Demo Day Highlights: Sharing know-how & investment opportunities for businesses that support the mutually-beneficial economy

On May 28th, more than 70 people from institutional investors, sharing economy companies, and social enterprises participated in the Demo Day held by Honghap Valley in the Hongdae area to share investment know-how and opportunities. Here are highlights of the event including some snapshots shared by Honghap Valley that capture the energy and excitement of the day!


Special Demo Day of May – “Investors’ know-how sharing for businesses in the mutually-beneficial economy”



The Demo Day in May, titled “Investors’ know-how sharing for businesses that support the mutually-beneficial economy,” was co-organized by Honghap Valley and the Seoul government. Honghap Valley provided an occasion for businesses and organisations that support “the mutually-beneficial economy” and are dedicated to the philosophy of humanitarianism – or “Hongik Ingan” in Korean, which means “Benefit all Humankind” – to gain investment know-how and to review their financial/technological roadmaps.


Especially, Demo Day provided the participants with lots of useful opportunities by:


•    Helping them to learn specific cases of VCs investing in businesses built around mutually-beneficial economy ideals and know-how of attracting investment

•    Connecting promising companies who are ready for investment with potential investors

•    Operating exhibition booths before/after the event which give participants rich networking opportunities


Three keynote speakers – Seong-bin Kang, the Managing Director of ES Investor; Seung-yong Seong, a Director of the Korea Business Angels Association; and Jeong-mi Kim from Oh My Company – delivered talks on sharing economy, angel investors, and crowdfunding and shared views with the audience.



Talks by Jeong-mi Kim from Oh My Company



Q&A session


Lots of sharp questions came from the audience. Speakers had a serious and in-depth discussion on sharing economy and mutually-beneficial economy and shared their concerns and knowledge around “co-existence” with the audience. After the discussion, four companies which had already gained investment or had promoted practices of mutually-beneficial economy shared their practical stories. Companies including Wesharecar, Moin Comms, 2TS, and Jarakdang had a serious discussion on the beginning of mutually-beneficial economy, concerns around it, and possible solutions to address those concerns, etc. The heightened energy continued during the networking time after the main program, where people actively exchanged questions with each other.

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