[HUB Special] Shall we have a movie night?


In this cold weather, now it’s a time of the year when people feel like watching a good movie in a warm and cozy place.

Then, how about participating in the “Jaturi Theater Project” run by Cine Egg? Cine Egg is a promising company that was awarded the Grand Prize in the Seongbuk District’s Imagination Fair Contest in 2014 and approved by the Seoul Metropolitan Government as a designated sharing company.



What’s Jaturi Theather?


Jaturi Theater allows people to enjoy films of diverse cultures that you cannot easily find at any multiplex cinemas. This project finds spaces that can be used for a community film screening to bring more opportunities for local communities to enjoy diverse movies in their neighborhood.



Image source: Cineegg, CC-BY




Anyone can become a host of a Jaturi Theater!


You can donate your spare space – from cafes, seminar rooms, photo studios, second-hand bookstores to workshops – as a temporary community theater. If you are interested, please contact Cineegg to get more information.

After a film-screening, the host, i.e. the owner of the space such as secondhand bookstores, cafes, etc., and guests share their thoughts and stories with each other, which often leads to a stronger bond within the community.



Image source: Cine Egg, CC-BY



Image source: Cine Egg, CC-BY


And the good news is that since last November more organizations have shared their spaces to the Jaturi Theater for regular film screening sessions: Banjjak-banjjak Photo Studio (Eunpyeong-gu), Book-reading Village (Gangbuk-gu), Social Studio Gonggam, Value Garden in Gangnam, and co-op cafe Geumulko in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province.


Jun-yong Jo, the CEO of Cine Egg, is excited to get flooded with inquires about the Jaturi Theater recently. Especially he looks forward to working with the co-op Geumulko in Hwaseong, since in the past it was hard for him to do a community film screening in the areas outside of Seoul even if he wanted.



Image source: Cine Egg, CC-BY



Why not catching a movie at a Jaturi Theater?


Well, now are you interested in visiting a Jaturi Theater in your neighborhood and enjoying a movie together?

For the November and December season, “Two Raging Grannies” and “Finding Gaston” are on screen at Jaturi Theaters.


Jaturi Theater Gangbuk [Book-reading Village]

Wed, Nov 18 at 7 p.m. – “Two Raging Grannies”

with a free Americano coffee!


NEW Jaturi Theater Hwaseong [Co-op Geumulko]

Wed, Nov 25 at 7:30 p.m. – “Two Raging Grannies”


Jaturi Theater Eunpyeong [ Banjjak Banjjak Photo Studio]

Fri, Nov 27 at 7:30 p.m. – “Two Raging Grannies”


NEW Jaturi Theater Gangnam [Value Garden]

Fri, Dec 4 at 8 p.m. – “Finding Gaston”


(For more details about the venues and movies: http://goo.gl/forms/4hGHPM9K1S)



When was the last time you really felt a sense of belonging to your neighborhood in the mega city Seoul?

How about visiting a near-by Jaturi Theater and enjoying a nice movie and the warmth of neighbors?



Image source: Cine Egg, CC-BY