I’m Newly Opened Business~ Let’s Startup with Sharing!

What is the secret to success with a simple idea?

There was a young man who was finding a job since graduating from college.



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The young man who majored in Art finally got a job at design company in California. However, he worried his future because the reality was different from what parents were expecting. He was faced with harsh reality that he could not even pay his own rent, so he lived together with his friend. At that time, a big event was held in San Francisco. Therefore, it was lacked of accommodation. The young man came up with an idea to change their home to accommodation. He only earn 80 dolloars during the event, but upon this opportunity, these two young men attained a big success. It is a story of Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia the founders of ‘Airbnb’.


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‘Airbnb’ is considered a succession case of ‘sharing economy’. Actually, the success factor is so simple. This is a result of combination of idle space, developed IT(Information Technology) and SNS(Social Newtwork Service). As a result, traveler could find a room quickly and safely, and residents could make a profit. Existing accommodation service ‘BnB(Bed and breakfast)’ is interlinked with internet and SNS so that it created new business model. Also, the service was getting the result of using an idle space. In other words, the beginning point of sharing economy is not making entirely new, but it is a result of agony to find a way of using idle resources and inducing people to participate sharing.



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Sharing comes up as hot item! What is the advice from sharing economy enterpriser?


Recently, economic recession is interlinked with youth employment so that central government and local government are dedicated to supporting business start-up. Most of all, there is a rising interest about sharing economy which is use of idle resources to create new value.


People have a lot of interest in opening new business these days.

SBA(Seoul Business Agency) made Youth Startup Support Project “1000” which is to provide space, action expense(a thousand dollars a month) and personalized consulting for supporting start-up. The competition rate was one out of three. Above all, 20 teams were decided to receive supports in sharing economy area. Sharing and sharing economy are good things, but ‘good will’ is not always leading a successful consequence. Especially, sharing economy is just beginning to make a mark, so it is difficult to build a successful business model. Kicking off with an indefinite idea must be sublated.




On July 23rd, it was time to share own experience at D.CAMP. Attendees received Know-how from business people who already have experience in sharing economy through special lecture. At the same time, attendees had an opportunity to get advices about their business possibility with experts. It was meaningful time to listen substantive issues, and they shared stories about undergoing trial and error.


A vague idea became a unique startup!


We looked over an overseas succession case and the know-how of domestic enterprise. Now, it is time for agonizing the way of actualizing their idea. Founding takes a lot of risk so that it needs to proceed step by step. It is good chance to startup to be with <Sharing Economy Starting School>.



People were gathered to hold <Sharing Economy Starting School> last Saturday. This school is created in order to agonize over whether to make a business from the idea of sharing economy or not. Registration closed, but all of lectures will be released soon in online. The program will help students to check their business possibility with experts. In the first meeting, Jung Young Hwa the commissioner of the Committee for Promoting Sharing and Lee Jae Hong the senior researcher of the Make Hope gave lectures about the way of planing a business from idea of sharing economy.


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Park Jung Soo gave a speech entitled ‘start lightly and make flexibly’. The lectures was about developing business model from a simple idea. Also, attendees had a time to compare and evaluate other attendees’ idea. It is only 5 times of class, but hopefully, this classes will be helpful to the upcoming businessman.