It’s not difficult to use Seoul Bike Ddareungi!

Hello from Share Hub! Have you used Seoul Bike Ddareungi? There are quite a lot of rental stations in the are north of Hangang and it’s easy to rent a bike once you have registered. And it’s useful especially when you want to travel short distances as you can return at any rental station. So recently it’s not that hard to see people riding public bikes on the street; it seems the service is quite actively being used by many citizens.




Image source: itnamu’s photolog, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For those who haven’t used Ddareungi yet and who are still hesitating because they are not familiar with it, here’s a guide on how to use Ddareungi.


STEP 1. Sign up and purchase a voucher


Image source: Seoul Bike Ddareungi website


First, Sign up via its website ( or android mobile app. iPhone users can sign up on the website or using a mobile browser. Once you sign up, log in and purchase a voucher.

A range of vouchers are available for purchase: seasonal voucher (Valid for 1 week, 1 month, 5 months, or 1 year), one-day voucher (Valid for 1 hour or 2 hours), group voucher, seasonal gift voucher, and one-day gift voucher. For example, I use a 5-month seasonal voucher at 15,000 won since I have to commute to a certain place frequently. A one-day voucher costs 1,000 won for an hour and a premium voucher costs 2,000 won and is valid for 2 hours. Quite cheap, isn’t it?

You can also purchase a one-day voucher as a non-member. Visit the website, go to Purchase one-day vouchers (non-members), agree to the terms of use, and complete payment. Then you will receive a temporary password via a text message. You can use the temporary password and your phone number to log into the website.
Once you log in, select a rental station in the “Renting a Bike” menu, select a bike you want to rent, visit the rental station and follow the process below.
STEP 2. Register a card


Image source: Seoul Bike Ddareungi website

If you purchase a seasonal voucher, you may want to register your card. Once you register, you can rent a bike by simply tagging on using your card, just like you tagging on a bus, and inserting a password. Go to [My page > Register Member Card > Rental Card and insert your 16-digit card number, and that’s it!
STEP 3. Rent a bike


Image source: Seoul Bike Ddareungi website

Now you are ready to rent a bike. First, you need to check the location of a rental station. Go to “Rental Stations” page in the website and you will see the real-time status of rental stations marked on a map. Note that a white dot means there’s no available bike in that station at the moment. And there are more bike stations in the area north of Hangang than in the southern part of Seoul unfortunately. Hope we see more Seoul Bike stations installed in the southern part soon!
To rent a bike

Press Home button on the terminal of a stand > Place a registered T-money card on the terminal > Insert a password you use when you sign up

Once you select a bike rental station, visit the station, press “Home” button on the terminal located at the center of the bike, and place your card on it. Then follow the audio instruction to insert the 4-digit password you used upon sign-up. Insert it to unlock the bike from the docking station.
Image source: YouTube video by Seoul Bike Ddareungi
Pull down the lock connected to the right side of the terminal to unlock it. Now the rental process is complete – you are ready to ride!
STEP 4. Return a bike
To return a bike – Connect the locking cable to the slot on the right side of the terminal
You can select between 1 hour or 2 hours as your basic rate. In either case, if you fail to return your bike within the time limit you have selected, additional charges may apply. Note that you can return your bike to a different rental station instead of the same rental station you used to rent the bike. But it might be a good idea to check the location of the rental station you want to return your bike in advance, since you have to return it within 1 or 2 hours any way.
At a rental station, slip it into an empty stand. Connect the locking cable to the right side of the terminal. And you will receive a text message confirming bike return.
To return by connecting to another bike – Unlock the supplementary lock on the left side of a bike > Connect the supplementary lock to the slot on the right side of the bike to be returned
What if all stands are full? Then you can return your bike by connecting it to another bike already locked in a stand. Unlock the supplementary lock on the left side of the terminal of one of the bikes connected to a stand and then connect the supplementary lock of the bike to the slot on the right side of the terminal of the bike to be returned. You will receive a confirmation SMS message once it’s complete.
Additional features
Ddareungi offers various additional features: First, any member with an 1-year voucher can save up mileages that can be used for public transportation. To use this feature, register a transportation card (T-money or pay-later transportation card) in the Card Registration menu in the website after purchasing a voucher.
You can also use “self-lock” function when you want to leave your bike unattended. Unlock the supplementary lock located on the left side of the terminal, link it through a nearby fixture and connect it to the slot on the right side of the terminal. Or you can simply run the cable lock through the wheel. To unlock it, press the home button and insert your 4-digit password.
Now, you know everything you should know about to use Ddareungi. Maybe it feels a bit difficult to try something you have never used before. But once you try it, you would find it so easy. I’m sure you would get used to it quickly. Since it’s cheap and you can return it anywhere near you, it is very useful not only for leisure or exercise purposes, but also as a transportation. Not many people can bring their own bike unless you really love riding a bike. It’s a perfect option for a situation where you have to travel distances that are a bit too far to walk but there’s no nearby public transportation. Seoul Bike Ddareungi helps enhance the quality of life of Seoul citizens!
If you have any feedback or suggestion regarding Seoul Bike Ddareungi, please let us know by leaving a comment! ^_^