Let’s Share an Empty Parking Lot!


by mindfrieze / (CC) BY-SA


Sharing idle space like empty room and remaining office is no longer new, but there is still unused space, a parking lot. I guess everyone has experience to have a trouble finding a parking space. Here is good news for anyone spend times looking for a place to park. Now, parking lot begins to receive attention as shared objects.




by Colaco / (CC) BY-NC-SA


Parking lot has been shared through the online flea market like Craigslist. Parking lot sharing started in 2008, with a sharp increase in the parking lot fee in London. At that time, they paid 4.02 pounds an hour, so people suggested to lend other people a parking space with low price as an alternative. Recently, some platforms emerged to put people who own parking lot through to people who need a parking lot.



by ParkatmyHouse  / All rights reserved


ParkatmyHouse is a representative website to patch driver through to parking lot owner. In 2006, Anthony Eskinazi, a young 23 years old business man, came up with an idea about ParkatmaHouse from the experience of visiting Sanfrancisco. Stadium parking lot was too expensive to park, but there was no space, so he had no choice to park.

From that experience, he made the ParkatmyHouse in order for solving problem due to expensive parking rate. At that time, the rate of public transportation rose again in London, so it served as a momentum to participate by not only individual parking lot owner but also company. ParkatmyHouse had grown as the largest online website of parking lot sharing. Now, over 400,000 parking space is registered, and 150,000 users are using. Also, BMW has funded ParkatmaHouse.



by Selj / (CC) BY-NC-SA


Recently, parking lot sharing is being attempted in Korea. A company ‘Mo-Doo-Eui Joo-cha-Jang(Parking Share)’ is preparing smarkt phone application service in order for solving a parking space problem. The application can provide parking lot information about fare, payment option and time available, and users let other know a parking lot information.


Also, the application of ‘Parking Price’ is released. They thought parking problem is because of lacking of parking lot information but not a short of parking place. Therefore, they made this service to spread of parking information in Seoul city, such as map, distance, and price. Also, it can share the real situation of parking lots through SNS(Social Network Service). They are in the process of developing a nationwide version.



by Yongsan-gu Facilities Management Corporation  ‘Residential Parking’ homepage / All rights reserved


Seoul Yongsan-gu implements a project of sharing parking space in order to resolve the parking problem since June. The project of “let’s share residential parking” attracts voluntary participation from residents to share residential parking place when it is empty. This area has not nearly enough parking space, but they have problem with securing place and budget, so this project would be one of solutions. Between people can make their own rule depend on hours of use and price. Space sharing is expected to lead neighbors to recover relation.