Let’s Share at Flea Market

A warm sunny day but a cool windy day, I guess many people make up their mind putting away the clothes from the season past. Of course, working little by little would be good, but sometimes, it would be better setting a date for doing something. Especially, it will be memorable day to do sharing work at a perfect weather.


Today, I prepare something for you who are likely not to put doing idea of sharing into practice. It is ‘flea market’!



by Kamal wijeratna / (CC) BY – NC – SA


Flea market is a tradition of old standing in other countries to put unused clothes and household items up for sale. Especially, some flea markets in a big city like Paris and Munich are very crowded with visitors, and it is regarded as place for sharing.


Flea market is cultural marketplace beyond time and space. Traveling abroad, it has few opportunities for experience local mood, so visiting flea market is good chance to meet the real face of the region :)



by Gilbert Vasseur / (CC) BY – NC – ND


1. Braderie de Lille Flea Market, France


The biggest flea market in Europe, Lille flea market, is held annually in the first Saturday and Sunday of October. Lille, where is a transport center of Europe, takes 2 hours by TGV from Paris. Also, it takes only 2 hours from Amsterdam, takes 25 minutes from Brussels. For this reason, a massive number of people flocked to the flea market.


Lille flea market is the place to look around antiques, furniture, clothes and ceramics for generations. It takes place in the streets but not in the park, so each street opens different kinds of stalls, and the full extent of streets is about 100km (62mile). This event is the biggest event in Lille, so the whole town is in festive mood.



by Thomas Cloer / (CC) BY – NC – SA


2. Auer Dult, Germany

‘Auer Dult’ boasts a long tradition that goes back 600 years. It is held every spring, summer, and fall, and it opens for 9 days each session. The Flea market holds a large-scale event which displays many kinds of household items, books and antiques. Also, various performances are presented at the side of market such as performing clown and acrobat and playing traditional music instrument. At the corner of marketplace, people can go on a ride. ‘Auer Dult’ is not only place to collect antiques but also a fun and interesting place for everybody.


In addition, many flea markets are holding on many countries. You can visit ‘Flea Market Insiders.’ (www.fleamarketinsiders.com)



by kentkb의 플리커 / (CC) BY – NC – SA


Flea market is the place to find a great variety of goods. People can sell stuffs that they do not need anymore, but the things are useful for other people. The reason flea markets have been loved is not only buying good stuffs, but also it is provided with sharing how the other lives and carrying out cultural exchange.

Flea market can find in Korea too. Recently, many types of flea market have formed in the central commercial areas such as, Hongdae, Itaewon, and so on. Especially, the feature of flea market is having conversion in perception from the place as buying and selling secondhand goods to the place as sharing culture and communication.


Hongdae - visit to the Free Market

by Emily Orpin의 플리커 / (CC) BY – NC


1. Hongdae Free-market (www.freemarket.or.kr)


Free-market is held on every Saturday between March and November from 1pm to 6pm. The reason named free-market, not a flea market, is because they also sell various creatures. The market is open to everyone, and everyone can be a seller who registered oneself, so the market includes many types of merchandise. At the same time, Hongdae shows plenty of performance, so many foreign tourists visit this place.


Nowadays, flea market became a place to interchange communication so that many visitors gathered around where artists present their creative production. This way, flea market rises as a cultural sharing place.



Urban Light / (CC) BY – NC – ND


2. Neul Jang (http://blog.naver.com/urbanlight5)


‘Neul Jang’ which means ‘market is always open’ claims to support for permanent marketplace. This place is made by Seoul city, artists, farmers, and social enterprises at closed railroad, and it was open on October 6th at nearby Gongdeok staion. It is interesting to make full use of unused place and use container box and tent booth to build stores. ‘Neul Jang’ is based on selling household items, agricultural and marine products, and handicraft, but especially, flea market is held on Saturday. Also, it is available to sell on commission.
‘Neul Jang’ reutilize space and provide an opportunity to gain economic benefits, so it succeed in killing two birds with one stone. It is chance to have a stable selling place for young entrepreneurs.


3. Itaewon Stairs Market (https://www.facebook.com/wosadan)

Itaewon stairs market has held a flea market on the last Saturday of every month in the Itaewon back stairs. Villagers and artists sell products, and also, people can enjoy mini concerts, so it is good to socialize among villagers.


4. Fifty Seoul Flea Market (https://www.facebook.com/FIFTYSEOUL)

People who works in the fashion business fields has held on a flea market on the second Saturday of every month.


5. Dottegi Market (https://www.facebook.com/dottegimarket)

This market is for selling vintage items and antiques on the first or second week of Saturday.


6. Bottaris Flea Market Festival (https://www.facebook.com/fleamarketfestival)

This flea market has principle of recycle, uniqueness, and donation. It has held on the first and last week of Saturday.


7. Semoa Flea Market (https://www.facebook.com/artspaceboan)

This flea market has held twice a year, spring and summer, at the ground of Seochon Boan Inn. They sell from fashionista goods to indie artists products, and also, they sell snack.


8. Busan Amazon Flea Market

‘Amazon’ is short for ‘Art Market Zone’. this Flea market has held on nearby Pusan University station every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 7pm. This is a place for young people who live in Busan to exchange their creative work.


9. Daejeon Dazzi Market

‘Dazzi Market’ has held on Daejeon Doonsandong Timesqure for college students, indie artists, and individuals who has workroom. Especially on November, they are held Dazzi festival with performance, concert, and hands-on experience event, and sellers donate 10% of profits.


10. Jeju ‘Bonggeuda’ (http://jzfloor.co.kr/)

On October 13th, ‘Bonggeuda’ was held for the first time. This market is open for everyone to freely sell or exchange used item, handmade item, and food. From now on, it will be open on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Jeju city hall Daehangno. ‘Bonggeuda’ is Jeju dialect which means ‘pick up’, so it contains hope that participant pick goods thing up and gain precious things.