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“Sharing,” Which means using suffs with others together, is not new concept. But when sharing meets cities, it needs interpretation, engagement, and connection. Share Hub project was initiated for that purpose. SMG and C.O.D.E(former CC Korea) signed a partnership to run Share Hub and to tried various experiments to promote sharing culture in our society.

Share Hub is a project initiated by C.O.D.E(former CC Korea) in order to help more people undertand the value and meaning of sharing more easily. It is aimed to collect information and news related to sharing, developing and providing a list of companies that offer sharing services, introducing the government’s sharing policies, and playing the role of a hub that connects the government, businesses, and organisations so that sharing culture takes root in our society.

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Contact ShareHub Team

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Seoul Metropolitan Government

ShareHub is one of the major projects run by Seoul Metropolitan Government and is operated in line with Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Sharing City Project. ShareHub is a project that introduced sharing city initiative and sharing economy services and suggests sharing practices.

From 2013 to 2016, Creative Commons Korea supported shared hub operations. Thank you for your help.