Nice to Meet You – Let Me Introduce the Second Sharing Enterprise.

Seoul city declared as ‘sharing city’ last year and held a project of designating company to support twice in this year. Seoul city finally determined to select the second support targets. Seoul city will give financial support, one hundred million hundred won(about $94,500), to 5 teams for promoting sharing. Also, Seoul city will give an advantage, such as giving financial and executive support, and using of ‘Sharing seoul’ brand identity, and PR to 8 teams. Share Hub would like to introduce selected companies where will show diverse values of sharing.


Selected sharing companies regard as being able to promote sharing in various angles from social dining to sharing parking lot space. Also, in Yong-san Gu case, they held a project ‘Use together! Residential parking!’ so that it will be expected to relieve the parking problems. Here is 7 companies. Read, then you can use what you need.



Mo-Doo-Eui Joo-Cha-Jang (Parking Share)


Share Hub already told related news about car sharing. Car sharing is popular in Paris and Berlin, and Seoul city is gradually expanding the service. Traffic problem should look at various angles. Economical problem is one of the traffic issues, such as traffic congestion and maintenance of vehicle, but also Seoul has severe parking difficulty.

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However, parking problem can be resolved by ‘Parking Share’ which is the platform of sharing parking information. It is participatory sharing economy to sharing parking space between space owner and user. It is based on smartphone application in order to inform the time and place not to be used.


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User is able to have a glance to check a current location based information, such as distance from parking lot, address, operating time, and fare by using smartphone application. It is opened on August 1st, but you can share information which is registered yet.

Space Noah 

Share Hub has spoken the merits of coworking space. It helps to save a space rental fee, and it is possible to build networking between people using the same place. Coworking spaces are already existed in Seoul, and ‘Space Noah’ is one of good examples.

스페이스 노아

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Space Noah is sharing office and building a coworking network for promoting enterprise culture of sharing economy. Also, Space Noah has on-going project, ‘N·Space’, in order to promote security of 100 accessible spaces. The space will be used only by 40 percent lower than average fare, so that it will be satisfied with shortage of cultural art space.


Co.Staff Seoul – TWR(Theatre Waste Recycle) Project


TWR project is running a recycling community for leftover stage equipment and set. Stage equipments are often thrown out after finishing play. TWR project makes a good use of play waste instead of discarding garbage. Leftover equipments and set are available to use everyone.



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TWR project pays attention to the way of sustainability and coexistence between play and environment. It helps people to save the cost of production and make better work by recycling. Also, they would like to form a community to talk freely about stage skill. This collocated operation system attracts people attention to lend free and share many things because recently, the cost of production is increasing for limited audience.





Tikle is a service of carpooling which is riding car with people who have similar or the same destination. This service is for people who bother their hair by traffic congestion and gas price, or this is for people who take public transportation and suffer a chaos of transfer. It can be solved!


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Driver can save the gas price, and passenger can easily go to destination. Moreover, Tikle enable users to select partners by individual information and preference through Facebook. Also, Tikle doesn’t charge a fee about successfully arrange a carpooling.



Ready and Start

job market is entirely bleak, so young people try to upgrade their abilities. ‘Ready and Start’ collects ideas and experience from people who go early into the society, and it will helps young people to resolve unemployment crisis.




A sharing company ‘Ready and Start’ provides online mentoring platform through ‘social mentoring Itta’. This service gives young people to receive various job informations. Mentoring is proceeding to provide job information and the way of self-improvement from a group of mentors who go into the society firstly at least once a week. Moreover, they compensate the online limit so that they are running an offline mentoring program, ‘travel for finding mentor’. It is giving practical help to let people know the way of getting a job and arrange meeting with mentor who works in the field young people want.



Green Car

Recently, Concerning about traffic congestion and car exhaust spreads all over the world. Car sharing is one of alternatives to resolve the problem. Car sharing is a system to lend a car as much as people need then return it. ‘Green Car’ is receiving a great attention!




By – Seoul Green Trust / (CC) BY NC ND


‘Green Car’ is easily available service after signing up and use 24 hours with unmanned system in 27 cities and 450 green-zone. It can simply use to reserve and search for car location by smartphone.



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The service is not only including High-pass and navigation, but also it includes gas card so, user can refuel whenever it needs. Using the service can avoid unnecessary waste, such as gas price, time for searching space and maintenance fee of vehicle. It is easily available in residential area and downtown. Also, this service has to pay by the hour, so it is perfect for people who only need a short time.




문화를 담는 공간, 아이들랏을 소개합니다.


Idlelot is online service to introduce open space or idle space to people who need space.



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Idlelot gives various space information and finds a way of sharing space. It is not only sharing space, but also it is recycling the space in order for shared value and creating profit. It helps people to use a space during empty time or idle space. Therefore, the place can use for study, party, cooking, and whatever people want. Even it is possible to watch a movie at a rooftop.




Don’t eat alone! Jipbob is a social dining platform to hold a meeting for having a meal together. Social dining is eating together and sharing common interests. Zipbob provides a variety of topic for meeting such as travel, sports, social problem, and so do.


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It makes people to spend dinner time sharing the same interests with new people in a new place. More specific instruction for using Zipbob can be found in the homepage.




Onoffmix provides a variety of services for people who prepare an event/meeting. Onoffmix is giving a help to search meeting place and promote an event.



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Onoffmix is sharing experience and intangible assets, and Onoffmix has wide story spectrum from career lecture for youth to soothing story for people who are utterly exhausted. People can choose a story depends on individuals need. Also, it is possible to open lecture so that anyone can have a chance to talk with other people.