[Overseas news] Despite Slow Adoption, Seoul Doubles Down On Sharing City Project


Image: Shareable CC-BY 2.0


Through the newly published article from Shareable the Sharing City Seoul project running since 3 years was introduces with its efforts to release urban problems Seoul had. In this article several sharing companies acting in Seoul were listed, which helped Seoul as a city to be ´shared´in direct or indirect ways such as followings.

  • Honghap Valley, a startup incubator
  • Joinus Korea, a cultural sharing service for people to ask questions and get a human response in their own language
  • Lingofly, a language sharing and learning platform
  • OnOffMix, a platform to help people share and discover live events and gatherings
  • Open Closet, a business suit sharing business
  • Space Noah, a coworking space for social innovators
  • WooZoo, a shared housing service that connects people with similar interests
  • Zipbob, a social dining platform
  • AUD, a social cooperative that created ShareTyping, an app that provides real-time transcription for the hearing-impaired


All these curious blicks looking toward Seoul as a Sharing City has become as an interesting object for researchers and many other ´sharers´with the help of the Korean typical IT environment. There would be more thoughts and effortes needed in order to carry on Seoul as a leading Sharing City to further steps!


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