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Numerous photos are uploaded through the internet, but it is prohibited to freely use many photos with general copyright. Generally, copyright hinders online freedom in users’ activities. Sometimes, creators want to be used their photos without permission. Therefore, CCKOREA(Creative Commons Korea) is working for making better internet as open space by adapting CCL(Creative Commons Lisence).


CCKOREA conducts a campaign for sharing photo. It is not a one time campaign, but CCKOREA tries to make this campaign in order for consistently using these photos for many people.

To begin with, How about sharing your photo first?



“Share & Photo”


Share & Photo 2013-10-18 16-42-07.png




Share & Photo is project of Share Hub, and it is focus on digital contents especially photo. It is difficult to find particular pictures with CCL(Creative Commons License)  in order to use for presentation materials, writing SNS(Social Network Service), doing homework, and so on. Moreover, Flickr is a foreign service, so it is hardly searching in Korean so that it is hard to connote Korean sentiment.



People can easily upload their pictures with CCL through Share & Photo. Also, Share & Photo provides two conditions of CCL ,CC-BY(Attribution), and CC-BY-SA(Attribution-ShareAlike). The purpose of this campaign is gathering photos which has no limitation for use of commercial exploitation and  alteration.

Share & Photo is linked with Flicker. When you upload photo to this site, photo will be uploaded in Share & Photo’s Flickr ( at the same time. Proper tagging makes photo to easily exposur when searching a particular photo. Therefore, you can enjoy various Korean tagged photos in Share & Photo and Let’s CC.


Three open chances not to be missed!

1. Photo sharing campaign
The picture you took, plaease upload to Share & Photo! The picture with CCL will be used for many people, and the picture will be automatically entered for an event. Winners will be selected in random drawings from all participatients with great prizes such as Ipad mini, external hard disc drives, and so on.

2. The opportunity of holding an exhibition
Exibition will be held among participatients in the “Share & Photo”. 100 photos will be chosen by netizen and experts. You can visit CCKOREA Facebook and Twitter page for further details.3. Workshop with professional photographers
Workshop will be held with 6 famous photographers. You can go around Seoul for taking a picture to be with professional photographers . It is chance to learn a different angle of view and receive expert evaluation.
To be with,

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