[Seoul City] 2017 Citizen Idea Sharing Suggestion Hanmadang (one area/garden) Event

The ‘2017 Citizen Idea Sharing Suggestion Hanmadang’ hosted by Seoul City was held at the Seoul Plaza Stage from 2 pm on July 7.




This event is an event to spread the culture of sharing. After a preliminary round, a total of 10 teams have entered the final stage. It was a place to listen to various stories regarding new ideas of each autonomous region.


The 10 teams who made it to the finals presented their topics in approximately 8 minutes each.


– Contents of suggestions


– On-site pictures of the suggestions presentations






After the 10 team’s lively ideas and sharing experience cases presentation were finished, only the evaluation was left!

The evaluation team consisted of 4 professional evaluation group, and 150 audience evaluation group composed of citizens and public officials.


Professional evaluation group 50 points + Audience evaluation group 150 points were added and the evaluation score was calculated in the order of highest to lowest scores.



The announcement results show that the shared kitchen/young people cooking studio ranked 1st place and was awarded the Excellence Prize.


■ Topic presentation and evaluation results

시민 공유 아이디어 제안 수상내역

The top 3 from the overall scores were awarded the Sharing Seoul Excellence Award, Model Prize, and Creative Proposal Award. The other 7 received the Participation Award.


Congratulations to everyone ^^


The ‘2017 Citizen Idea Sharing’ was a time to increase the depth of understanding of sharing through the lively sharing experience case and idea presentations of 10 teams from various autonomous regions.


Seoul City continues to expand the scope of its presentations to those organizations that are promoting sharing businesses to citizens and focuses on finding areas for the development of sharing businesses afterwards.

We look forward to your continued interest ^^