[Seoul City] 2017 Sharing Economy Start School

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In order to plant the seeds of sharing economy for young people who will be leading the future of sharing economy, the 2017 Sharing Economy Start School started to be implemented on July 6.


Seoul City is a program that helps elementary, middle, and high school students improve their understanding of sharing economy and helps them apply sharing in their daily lives.

Sharing Economy Start School has been operating since last year, so it has already reached its 2nd year this year. ^^


The 2017 Sharing Economy Start School will be held in conjunction with Seoul City, Center Women’s Association, and BM.

The Sharing Economy Start School is going to hold about 800 students from 30 schools, which has increased by approximately 50% compared with 21 schools last year. Also, we received applications from schools that wish to be included through the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education.

After the application deadline on June 30, we received a total of 57 schools that have applied for participation and it is said that there is a high interest in schools that are introducing sharing economy. ^^


If there is a high satisfaction rate among students regarding sharing economy education and if there is a high demand from schools, Seoul City is planning to expand the number of sharing economy start schools for more students and students next year.


The Sharing Economy Start School is organized into 3 phases by school. The lecture is a discussion-type of class that uses PMI analysis technique, brainwriting technique, etc.

-Background and necessity of sharing economy

-Changes in the economic paradigm and cooperative consumption

-Exploration of sharing business using teaching tools

-Exploration of real-life work through cartoon drawing


It is filled with various contents.

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We are sharing the images of Jayang Elementary School and Samgaksan Middle School where sharing economy start schools are in operation.


[Jayang Elementary School]

크기변환_자양초_009 크기변환_자양초_025 (밝기조정) 크기변환_자양초_028 (밝기조정) 크기변환_자양초_034 크기변환_자양초_036 (밝기조정 크기변환_자양초_048(밝기조정) 크기변환_자양초_050 (밝기조정) 크기변환_자양초_052 크기변환_자양초_055 (밝기조정) 크기변환_자양초_060 (밝기조정)



[Samgaksan Middle School]

크기변환_크기변환_IMG_7278 크기변환_크기변환_IMG_7277 크기변환_크기변환_IMG_7283 크기변환_크기변환_IMG_7279 크기변환_크기변환_IMG_7285 크기변환_크기변환_IMG_7286



[Video Sketch of Sharing Economy Sharing School in Seoul]

Upon looking at the children and teenagers who are actively listening and thinking about sharing economy, we feel that the future of our sharing economy market is positive. ^^

We look forward to the future that these children will create!


Sharing Economy Fighting!!