[Sharing City Seoul] Seongbuk-gu, Video Sketch of Sharing Town Briefing Session for Residents


Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, has recruited sharing apartments to open and utilize common facilities for residents in apartment complexes; therebysetting up a ‘Seongbuk Sharing Town’

The “Seongbuk Sharing Town” pilot construction project was selected last July at Seoul City’s “2017 Sharing Town Foundation Construction Pilot Project” . This year it will recruit up to two sharing apartments for a total of 24 million KRW as its working expenses.


Seongbuk-gu organized a business briefing session at the Future Planning Office of the Seongbuk-gu Office last August 18 at 3 pm, introducing the purpose and the future direction of the Seongbuk Sharing Town development project. Afterwards, it explained the proposal writing method and the sharing projects that will be promoted once a sharing apartment has been selected.


A sharing apartment is a type of apartment that opens and shares a variety of idle resources, such as the common facilities for apartment residence, for the purpose of creating an open residential space where residents and nearby residents can share the spaces with the community.


The recruitment subjects include apartments that will participate in sharing parking lots, car sharing service (Nanum Car), and public bicycle service (Ttareungyi), while suggesting a creative sharing project that matches the actual state of apartments in Seongbuk-gu.


The selected apartments will be supported with space improvement expenses and facility expenses to drive the sharing project, while the business expenses will be supported for the following year. It is their plan to expand the selected apartments as a pilot case for creating an open housing culture through system improvements and other administrative support.


Shall we look at the popular briefing session where many delegates attended with interest?