[Seoul City Sharing Town Project] Sharing Apartment Competition Project Selection Results


As part of a pilot project, Seoul City conducted a competition for a shared town.

We selected two“shared apartments” in Seongbuk-gu, which was selected as a shared town development project location, in order to build a shared town in Seoul.


There was a “Shared Apartment” contest held at Seongbuk-gu for the development of a shared town at Seongbuk for 16 days – from August 10 to August 25. After checking the documents, welfare center, site inspection, floor plans, etc. and evaluating the effect of the sharing project, residents’ participation rate, business performance ability, feasibility, sustainability, and a creative, new sharing business, we have selected two apartments that have received excellent reviews.

We chose eComfortable World Bomun Apartment and Kumho Eoullim Center Hill Apartment.



The category for this competition is a community-sharing project operated by the resident representative meeting and by the apartment community. Here, spaces are open for residents and those nearby by utilizing leisure spaces, such as apartments’ community facilities. It includes projects such as the common car usage service (Nanum Car), an installation project that can be used by apartment residents and other neighboring residents by using the idle parking spaces in the apartment. Another is the bicycle sharing project wherein public bicycles (Ttareungyi) are placed at the apartment’s designated location and are opened to residents and those nearby.


The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide a total of 12 million KRW for each of the two selected apartments. The apartments will have Seoul City’s Nanum Car assigned to the parking spaces in the complex; while bicycles and holders for Seoul City’s bicycle sharing Ttareungyi will be installed at the main door of the apartment.



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This allows apartment residents and nearby residents to use shared bikes right in front of their house, while those who don’t own cars or needs a second car can enjoy the convenience of being able to use Nanum Car without having to go far. The inconvenience of having to repeatedly travel just to avail of a shared service has been reduced.


As a new sharing project, eComfortable World Bomun Apartment is proposing a kitchen playground that utilizes the idle space in the apartment complex and is currently preparing for its operation.  Whereas Kumho Eoullim Center Hill Apartment is creating a shared closet.

An apartment is a town where many people live together, and it is selected as the best community space where people can share idle spaces, resources, and talents. As much as it is chosen as the best community space, we believe that there will be more sharing and community projects from now on.


As they launch this pilot project, Seoul City said that it will try to spread a new apartment culture that will allow people to share and be open with one anoother, with basic trust and communication as its roots.