Seoul designates more Sharing Companies for 2015

Let me introduce six more Sharing Companies designated by the Seoul Government in June 2015.
The companies included in this 2nd round share various items from space, content, to skills, and half of them are dedicated to sharing content among others.
Let’s take a look at their creative ideas!

1. Lingofly


Lingofly helps people share their mother language skills with more than 7 billion people around the world.
You can learn more than 10 languages including English through their video chatting services with a native speaker.
Through Lingofly, practicing conversations in a foreign language is not that difficult – anyone can be a tutor in Lingofly – you can share your mother tongue skills with others as much as you can.
For foreigners, you are the best Korean teachers. The unique technology developed by Lingofly helps anyone overcome language barriers.


2. Cinegg


With its mission of establishing a sustainable ecosystem for independent films, Cinegg is committed to exploring alternative cinema and running community film screenings to promote the diversity of independent films and to community-based sharing of culture.
Film & Place Commons Project is one of the most ambitious projects Cinegg is pushing forward in 2015.
Anyone can host a “Jaturi Theater” – which literally means “spare space theater” – as long as there is a space of about 33 square meters and a projector. People bring snacks to share instead of coke and popcorn and end up forming a unique community that reflects the characteristics of the place. From cafes, seminar rooms, photo studios, to secondhand bookstores, anyone who owns a place can donate their space and time for this community theater where people enjoy good flims and interact with each other.
After a film-screening, the host (i.e. the owner of secondhand bookstores, cafes, etc.) and guests share their thoughts and stories with each other and sometimes enjoy various cultural/arts events together. Once a month, any place in one’s neighborhood can be turned into a community theater.
Although there are no wide seats with soft cushions and powerful sound system, Jaturi Theater provides great experience with good films and warm-hearted people.
Currently, Cinegg is looking for people who are interested in sharing their spare space and supporting Cinegg to plan and organize a cultural/arts film festival. Join them as a next host of Jaturi Theater!


3. aud – social cooperative


Aud offers a live captioning platform that can be used by anyone, especially deaf and hard-of-hearing people.
Aud’s application allows users to see live captions created by a stenographer in real-time. “Aud” is an acronym of “Auditory Universal Design,” which reflects the company’s commitment to creating an environment where no one has difficulty in getting spoken language information.


4. XVision Technology


XVision Technology is a software company that launched a smartphone application that helps visually impaired people access as much information as sighted ones.
Users can get information through sound without looking at the screen, receive notifications through different vibration patterns instead of sound, and use touch screen interfaces to select pre-set modes.
While these features were developed mainly for people with disabilities, they are also useful for certain situations such as when the screen is not responding, when surrounded by high noise, or when it is difficult to use their hands for any reason – in that sense, they are features to support universal “accessibility.”


5. ino-on


Parkin Plex is the first service launched by ino-on, a parking space sharing platform using IoT(Internet of Things) technology to solve parking issues.
Look for a Parking Plex parking lot with a flashing green light sensor – the green light indicates that the space is available for parking.
Users can also check the availability of a parking lot before arriving at the location using the mobile app. The relatively low parking fees compared to other parking lots in the surrounding areas is also an advantage. And what if you can make a profit by using parking spaces that would otherwise be vacant during the daytime?
Install a Parking Plex sensor to share your parking space. Parking fees are calculated fairly, based on the amount of time the vehicle has parked.
You can set up the hours for your parking space via the mobile app. And the parking sensor detects an illegally parked vehicles in real-time effectively.


6. Headflow


HeadFlow is a company that values universality and diversity. It pursues respecting diverse context and experience of individuals and embracing the differences between them as its ultimate objectives and is committed to share values that would benefit the world.
Open College, one of the major projects of HeadFlow, proposes a new learning model that is created by people “together.” It is neither a school for young students nor an institution for adult education. Is there anything you always wanted to learn but you couldn’t? Have you wasted your time learning things aimlessly? Open College is a place to go beyond the conventional academic curriculums and social conventions to realize creative learning.


Let’s hope these increasingly varying forms and items of sharing practices thrive and contribute to a more advanced sharing society!