Seoul Metropolitan Government publishes information on Github

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On May 25th, 2016, Seoul’s Metropolitan Government will be the first domestic government institution to publicly release approximately 500 million approved government documents and policy reports on ‘Github (’.

Previously, the Seoul Metropolitan Government publicly released documents through Seoul’s Information Communication Platform (

Now, by releasing documents onto Github, an open source platform known for its engagement with software developers around the world, the Seoul Metropolitan Government believes that many will find open data more easily accessible and informative than it had been in the previous years. Furthermore, the CC BY License enables the released data on Github to be used entirely within any individual’s discretion.

Considering Github is deemed a mecca of sorts for software developers, the Seoul Metropolitan Government expects the publishing of documents and reports on Github to promote application developers, policy researchers, and professionals to utilize open data. The aspiration is a society in which citizens have access to a plethora of valuable information and services.

Approximately half of the approved documents, policy research reports, and pre-publication information materials on Seoul’s Information Communication Platform will be released onto Github. Although the initial format of the released data had been difficult for the public to access, the data will now be accessible in JSON and XML, which are widely used formats among application developers and policy researchers.