Share Hub’s brothers and sisters across Korea – Meet Regional Sharing Portal Sites!

Hello, it’s Sharing Hub Host! ^_^ It’s been already three years since the launch of Share Hub. During the time, our brothers and sisters, organizations that play a similar role to Share H“Sharing Economy Information Center” in Busan!ub, sprang up one by one across the country. Today I would like to introduce “sharing” portal web sites in Seongnam, Daejeon, Gwangju, and Busan.


Find common resources in Busan – “Sharing Economy Information Center” (




First runner is  “Find common resources in our region” in the the main page of the website allows visitors to search for common resources particularly in the local area. Buk-gu has the largest number of common resources with 31 registered common resources.
Let’s take a look at sharing companies and organizations active in Busan. “Big Book” is a project that encourages donation of copyright of textbooks and creates and shares free-to-use textbooks in collaboration so as to reduce the cost burden of textbooks on college students. Eum Hanbok receives donations of hanbok, reforms them and shares them to many others. “Knock knock, PLACE” is a project that turns idle spaces in Yeonje-gu, donated by citizens, to learning spaces.


Sharing, it’s not that difficult! – “Sharing Gwangju” (
Next is Gwangju! Sharing Gwangju was launched in August 2015. The website introduces sharing, a concept that might not be familiar to many, with friendly images and useful content such as “Ha assistant manager’s live info show.” :) “Common resources” category provides an archive of a vast amount of resources of more than 2,300 by type and region, from goods e.g. bicycle and toy to spaces e.g. meeting room, toilet and parking lot so that visitors can search for what they want. It was quite surprising to see that so many common resources are available in Gwangju!
As sharing companies and organizations, “SharingnJoy” runs a talent donation center led by the private sector as well as a sharing project dedicated to sharing citizens’ talent and goods. “Amotik cooperative” guides younger generations to growth and healthy life by running an open space and organizing meet-ups and events for sharing talent and experience.

Especially, perhaps because it is SharingnJoy who runs Sharing Gwangju website, “Exchange common resources” section has been constantly updated with many sharing activities, whether it’s a product or talent. Thumbs up!
On August 25th, “the 4th Sharing Gwangju Citizens’ Forum” was held. I hope people who were interested in sharing economy and happened to be in Gwangju on that day could participate in Gwangju’s efforts to promoting sharing economy. :)


Come on over to Daejeon with awesome sharing companies, organizations and events! – “Sharing Daejeon” (
Next is Sharing Daejeon, or “0UD,” opened one month after the launch of Sharing Gwangju! Many sharing companies and organizations that are active in the local community draw attention. “BeBeeBox” runs “Kkumkkultong,” the first share house in Daejeon; “You Are What You Read” is a local independent bookstore that practices sharing by playing the role of a shared bookshelf for the community; “People Car-sharing” is a local car-sharing service; “Bee Meal” is a restaurant experiment where young would-be restaurant owners share a kitchen to reduce cost and to create more value; and “The BENCH” is a social dining project where young people living apart from their family and young single households share food and moms’ recipes. It it impressive that there are so many interesting and solid sharing companies and organizations.


Come and support our take-off! – “Sharing Seongnam” (


Last but not least is Sharing Seongnam which opened most recently. While there is not much data available in its archive as it has opened only recently, basic common resources of the city and a few sharing companies can be found on the website. If you know any common resources or information of the city, please come forward to request a registration of the resources or information, or report the information to the website.
As for sharing companies and organizations in Seongnam, “Study Mento” runs an open library and shares tips and know-hows on how to study effectively to middle and high school students; “Bil Book” is a service that helps students share their textbooks with others by enabling them renting and borrowing costly college textbooks at a relatively low cost during a semester. Actually “Bil Book” is also featured on Share Hub – it’s good to see it here again! :); and “LOUNGE WE” is a co-working space that is committed to mutual growth through donations of space, books, and talent on the basis of their philosophy of sharing economy.

And there is also other archived information such as “Seongnam Family Camping Forest” and “Kids Love Playground” that is available to kids aged between 24 months to 5 years, which is useful to Seongnam residents. We look forward to what’s next!


For sharing as a way of life in our daily life, access is more important than anything else. If local sharing portal web sites and platforms engage closely with citizens, develop their roles and archive useful information in collaboration, even people in remote areas can use such information so that the resources can be fully utilized and the spirit of sharing can penetrate deeply into our daily life. We hope more sharing platforms spring up and spread more information about sharing to more regions and communities. :)