Share Week? Share Everyday!


Seoul City was full of sharing hearts, because of Share Week from October 25th through November 1st.

Throughout the Week, I could feel the warmth in the air as my doll was picked by another kid at a flea market when I was still young.


131025 Myung Rang Market @Myung Dong

Myung Rang Market has finished on its big run of 6th months during Share Week. The energy of communication and coexistence at the middle of crowded Myung Dong was just great.




131026 Sharing Fall Sports Day @World Cup Park

One sunny day, there were many people from different sharing organizations for playing some sports! People had a blast.




131026 Sharing Week @HongDae

At the street in front of Hongdae Sangsangmadang, Share Week booths were opened. We could feel how much benefit we can have by sharing. We made disco soup with potatoes left out due to loss of goods value, and we also learned about car sharing as easy as borrowing a bike. Even people who were just passing by showed lots of interests.




131027 Knitting-brunch @어쩌면office

We had Knit & brunch time which gave us a small but big happiness. It was a meaningful time to know that sharing by itself was a fine achievement.




131027 문화로놀이짱 furniture making workshop @명랑에너지발전소

It is hard to make furniture, most of people want to DIY though. Here, 문화놀이짱 helped people to make furniture by sharing the working space, tools, and how-to. It was full of great sharing energy.




131027 Animal Halloween Festival @Jazzy Mas

Animal Halloween Festival was held as showing an ideal position between possession and sharing. A social venture Billigi and animal behavioral psychology lab PolangPolang made this event in order to make owners get along with their animal friends well.




131331 CC Conference 공유본색(The Real Face of Sharing) @D.CAMP

We talked about the essence of sharing and the result of change from sharing. Judge Yoon from CC Korea to Artist Song Ho Jun, it was a very meaningful time to hear various sharing stories. I was very impressed many people participated and concentrated on the lecture.


In addition, there were held on several events such as, Join us Korea’s <the seminar of knowledge communication>, Youth Voice’s <Media Night>, and so on. I realized that we can sharing many things–not only tangible goods but also space, knowledge, and experience.

Because people are so used to share things, it’s even awkward when you hear “sharing” in a word. Especially, Korean people have traditional sharing culture and communal living like DooRae and Poomassi.

Sharing economy is not a new concept, but it is cultural extension from what we used to have. We just recognized how sharing can make our life richer than before.

Sharing is not about dividing in half, but doubling. sharing space leads people to be happy, sharing knowledge helps all people to know more, and sharing goods make the life of products longer.

One more thing, I realized that I’ve also got alot to share. Today, I shared a dinner with my family, story of travel with my frirends, and restaurant review through Facebook. The things I need is to broaden my prospective on the sharing world because there is no limit in the world of sharing.

I earned a lot of things through Share Week, so I would share everything everyday!