ShareHub Day “Review Sharing City 2013 and Design 2014”

공유허브의 날 오프닝

After Seoul City declared itself to be Sharing City, year of 2013 was full of sharing activities and events. ShareHub run by CC Korea partnering with Seoul was one of them. Wrapping up one year of project, ShareHub prepared an occasion to review the experiences of 2013 to design 2014 Sharing City.


청년허브 합본

The variety of the participants made ShareHub Day even more interesting: Civil servants, sharing economy enterprises, people preparing sharing economy startup, community leaders who want to apply sharing movement, etc.

기념품 공유

Jennifer from CC Korea hosted the event. The first session was a somewhat different icebreaker. Once people entered the hall, they were given a goody bag with various items, 2 pieces in 1 bag. This was to make people share their gifts with others. They traded the goods and business cards, and the session was a great success that encouraged people to say hello to strangers.







1. Keynote – Jay Yoon from Seoul Northern District Court & CC Korea

공유허브의 날 윤종수

ShareHub Day Keynote was made by Jay Yoon, Project Lead of CC Korea. The topic was about that the value of sharing being re-evaluated in the age of Internet. Internet, a mutual and multiple communication network, made people connected. This made more immediate and omnidirectional participations possible. Internet also benefited sharing since it connected people who want to share. According to Yoon, sharing is now creating new values such as low-consumption and recovery of community.

공유허브의 날 – 윤종수 from Creative Commons Korea

2. Policital Approaches for Sharing Seoul – Kye-Yeol Lee from Seoul City

서울시 이계열

공유허브의 날 – 서울시 이계열 from Creative Commons Korea


3. Share Your Parking Spots ‘Cooperation with Local District’ – Dong Hyeon Kim from “Everybody’s Parking Lot”

모두의 주차장 김동현

공유허브의 날 – 모두의주차장 김동현 from Creative Commons Korea


4. Do You Want to Be a Librarian of Knock Library? – Seung-Soo Kim from Knock Library (Sharing books with your apartment neighbors)

똑똑도서관 김승수

공유허브의 날 – 똑똑도서관 김승수 from Creative Commons Korea


5. We Collect, Curate, and Spread Everythinig About Sharing – Nanshil Kwon from CC Korea & ShareHub

공유허브 권난실

공유허브의 날 – 공유허브 권난실 from Creative Commons Korea


6. Let’s Travel My Village! Village Travel Guided by Locals – Seon Mi Seo from PlayPlanet (Experience sharing & fair travel)

플레이플래닛 서선미

공유허브의 날 – 플레이플래닛 서선미 from Creative Commons Korea


7. NSPACE Project “Accelerate Space Sharing” – Suhyeon Jung from Space Noah

스페이스 노아 정수현

공유허브의 날 – 스페이스 노아 정수현 from Creative Commons Korea


8. From Sharing Economy to Sharing Society – Suhun Kang from Wishket (Freelancers’ labor sharing for outsourcing)

위시켓 강수훈

공유허브의 날 – 위시켓 강수훈 from Creative Commons Korea


9. No One Is Superiorally Smarter Than All of Us Together – Seong Yeong Lee from Kiple (Kids’ clothing sharing)

키플 이성영

공유허브의 날 – 키플 이성영 from Creative Commons Korea


공유허브의 날 식사jpg
공유허브의 날 식사2jpg


After all the lectures, people broke into many small groups and had dinner together. At the table, we could hear people discussing the future of sharing economy and Seoul City.


ShareHub Day was a good finale to the 2013 ShareHub project. The participants understood sharing could be the next lifestyle model for sustainability, and made some good networks within the movement. If we cooperate with each other, sharing can make our life even fuller.