ShareHub releases “The Lifestyle of Tomorrow, Sharing” Book in e-copy and hard copy

내일을 위한 삶의 방식 공유


Year of 2013 has been a busy year for CC Korea. Partnering with Seoul City, we ran ShareHub and expanded the foundation of sharing culture in this city. We’ve selected some of the stories and great examples of this year such as the city policies, and turned them into a book. This book also guides the readers through ideas of “how to share.” We hope that this book is used as a helpful handbook to those who desire to share.


Table of Contents

– Intro

Part 1. Let us introduce “The Lifestyle of Tomorrow, Sharing”

From the Age of Possession to the Age of Sharing
What’s Next for the Sharing Movement?
Viewing Cities as Platform
The New Paradigm of City, Sharing Seoul

Part 2. People Living the Age of Sharing

Hwayangdong Community Ctr

Part 3. Well-Living with Sharing

A Day full of Sharing
Sharing for Smart Consuming
Vacation with Sharing
Tasty Sharing
Learn the World with Sharing
Sharing Is the Core of Art

Part 4. Sharing in Hands

List of Sharing Enterprises and Organizations Designated by Seoul
List of Tool Libraries
List of Toy Libraries
List of Bicycle Sharing
Reading List by Sharing Economy Experts
Sharing Economy Startup School Curriculum

– ShareHub Timeline



내일을 위한 삶의 방식, 공유