Sharing City, Seoul (e-book, English)

September 05, 2014

“Sharing City, Seoul” book is open in English!
This book explains about Seoul’s sharing company and Sharing Economy. you can get a lots of information from this book!

You can download here :

Sharing city seoul(english) from Creative Commons Korea

01 | Seoul City (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Introducing Food Sharing Cases in Seoul

June 23, 2016

In Seoul, most sharing spaces consist sharing kitchens. These sharing kitchen spaces often collaborate with local businesses, organizations and other constituencies to connect strangers, and more  broadly, communities, together. Sharing kitchens might be the answer to the isolation we feel from the fast paced lives we lead now. It gives us the space and utilities […]

The proliferation of a sharing culture in Seoul’s apartments

June 23, 2016

From cars to bikes to laundry rooms, everything is up for sharing. Can you imagine what sharing culture in apartments look like? Normally, you’d think that it’s like an extension of platforms like Airbnb, where apartment rooms are rented out — room sharing in a nutshell. Yet recently in Korea, there are various sharing services available […]

SMG’s Newly Designated 2016 Sharing Businesses & Organizations

June 23, 2016

Seoul designated eight new sharing businesses and organizations of 2016. From various space sharing, object sharing, to skill sharing, the sharing possibilities are endless. We are excited to introduce the eight new sharing businesses and organizations! The Eight Sharing Businesses/Organizations Seoul Designated For 2016 1. Village Pop ( In March, 2014, Village Pop was born, […]

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