Sharing Seminar On-the-Go

“Sharing Seminar On-the-Go” took place from July 7th to 11th at four different municipal regions.
The seminar included the basic idea of sharing economy, and practical cases of sharing happening around us. We could see the region residents and civil servants at sight.
The audience for 4 days was around 3,000. It showed the vast amount of interest in sharing economy.

02 | Seochogu 03 | Idea board


What is Sharing Economy? – Introduction

The first keynote was made by Jay Yoon (CC Korea Project Lead) and Jung-Wook Seo (CC Korea Director of Board), and Jihoon Jeong (Professor at Kyounghee Cyber University). Their kind approach to explain sharing made the audience’s understanding easy. Each of them talked about why we need to share, how information technology is making sharing even easier, and how sharing economy will change our life.

04 | Jeong-Wook Seo (CC Korea Director of Board) 05 | 윤종수 프로젝트 리드

1-1 The Changes and Future that Sharing Will Bring from Creative Commons Korea


1-2 Sharing Economy Changes the World from Creative Commons Korea


1-3 Why We Share
from Creative Commons Korea


How to share? – Case Study

The second session covered actual cases of sharing practices. We invited speakers with sharing enterprise and organization backgrounds. Seung Soo Kim from Knock Knock Library, Nanshil Kwon from Share Hub, Max Han from Wisdome, and Su-Min Kim from Local Design Movement shared their cases and perspectives.
Local Design Movement

06 | Local Design Movement

Local Design Movement is a designated Sharing Enterprise by Seoul city in 2014 for the first time. They are designing and running a hotel called “Local Stitch,” which is closely connected with local economy and market. They look into the already existing resource in the local area, renovate with sophisticated design skill, and share the idle resource. They newly opened a flowershop that connect and redesign local resources, “Flower Blooms.” This is also a case that utilized the local existing resource and turned into a new business model.

2-1 Local Design Movement
from Creative Commons Korea

Knock Knock Library
07 | Seung Soo Kim (Knock Knock Library)

Knock Knock Library kicked off as a social group among people from the same apartment building. The idea can be cited as this: ‘My home is your library.’ People visit their neighbor’s home, and the home owner is a librarian of the library. Not only sharing books, they are also gathering for different events such as mini conferences. Next door people are more connected, and sharing occurs in the circle. We also loved Kim’s lovely guitar playing! ^^

2-3 Knock Knock Library
from Creative Commons Korea



08 | Max Han (Wisome)

Wisdome is an on- and off-line platform that helps people share their intangible assets such as experiences and stories. ‘Human Library’ from Wisdome connects a person to person, and also assists easy gathering. These days, Wisdome runs ‘Dal Dal Forum’ located in Seongbukgu. Seongbuk is where artists from various backgrounds reside and many historical sights are located. Max spoke about how Wisdome is sharing human resources within this wonderful place.

찾아가는 공유마당 2 2. 위즈돔 from Creative Commons Korea


Share Hub is a project initiated by Creative Commons Korea (CC Korea). (Yes, this is what I do!) Creative Commons is an organization that promotes digital content sharing movement. Some might think it is difficult because digital contents are intangible assets. To make the idea of sharing easier, CC Korea chose to extend its are to tangible assets as well. Nanshil Kwon, Share Hub Manager, explained “5 Ways to use Share Hub.”

2-4 Share Hub
from Creative Commons Korea

We hope more people had chances to get to know sharing economy and how to share their own resources from this seminar series. Thank you to those listeners who came, and civil servants, sharing enterprises, and organizations tho put so much effort to this event.