SMG’s Newly Designated 2016 Sharing Businesses & Organizations

Seoul designated eight new sharing businesses and organizations of 2016. From various space sharing, object sharing, to skill sharing, the sharing possibilities are endless.
We are excited to introduce the eight new sharing businesses and organizations!

The Eight Sharing Businesses/Organizations Seoul Designated For 2016

1. Village Pop (


In March, 2014, Village Pop was born, the product of a small neighborhood business owner sharing his experiences and wisdom to three young producers and three designers.

It all started with this question: How can we revitalize this neighborhood?

To find the answer to this question, they held neighborhood meetings, lectures and festivals. Soon, these initiatives attracted more and more people, from the housewife next door, the neighborhood’s “older brother”, to the elderly in the parks. They quickly realized that their neighbors had so many skills and insights to offer.

To utilize all the unused talent in the neighborhood, they organized businesses such as “Neighborhood Night School”, “Craftsmen Store Committee”, “MOT(Taste)Table” to spark excitement and activity into the neighborhood. The neighborhood became the basis of a “Street platform” of sharing not only space, but talent too.


2. 7Pictures (


7Pictures is an ‘Exhibition tech’ service that solves problems pertaining to exhibitions. They use ‘space sharing’ and ‘crowdfunding’ to solve these issues.

7Pictures provides an exhibition space sharing economy service. Without a fee, 7Pictures exhibits pieces in cafés and culture spaces in more than 50 places in Seoul, including but not limited to Gangnam, Itaewon, Gwanghwa Moon, Seocheon, Bukcheon, Gundae, and Yimundong. 7Pictures also conducts crowdfunding related to exhibition causes, ranging from exhibition openings, Open studio hosting, to participating in overseas art fairs. They make exhibitions possible by connecting sponsors, acquaintances, and potential buyers with each other.




SHARE_US, “a shared living space”, is a space sharing platform that, like its name, uses “sharing” as a way for the young to live together, leading happier and more exciting lifestyles.
They manage living spaces and community spaces, and according to the group’s tastes, they have the freedom to transform these spaces into share houses, coworking spaces, guesthouses and many more.

SHARE-US is the alternative to Go Shi Wons. Go Shi Wons in Korea is a type of living space for students studying for exams. Go Shi Wons  are also known to have extremely cheap single rooms available but the conditions  leave much to be desired. Thus, SHARE-US provides an alternative to Go Shi Wons, a timely platform that observed the rise in single-person household and the problem of Go Shi Wons. By reducing space occupied by a single person, they also reduce the cost. By sharing this space, they increase the quality of the space. In this manner, they established ‘SHARE_US’ as a space brand, a more desirable alternative space to Go Shi Wons, and are currently revitalizing Shin Lim Dong and Go Shi Chon (Areas with several Go Shi Wons) areas.


4. One Bite’s Roomy Roomie ( 


One Bite’s Roomy Roomie is not only a sharing platform made to alleviate the stress of housing costs by sharing living spaces with others but is also a platform that assists people in leading lifestyles with others who have similar interests and habits.

Unlike the real estate market, the booming share house market that includes Roomy Roomie platform concentrates not only on the “estate” aspect but also on the person who will share a living space with you.


5. Korean Guesthouse Association (KGA) (

The Korean Guesthouse Association is an official association of guesthouses, representative of the sharing model of short term rentals. To revitalize guesthouses, members of the association and the local government cooperate in an effort to make communication effective.

Not only this, but they also participate in many events to promote guesthouses and take on the role of a civil intermediary as they work to leave a positive impression of Korea to visiting tourists.


6. Reveravit: Dobox ( 



Reveravit is a business filled with people who are committed to building a welcoming society, from secondhand good exchanges, donations, urban restoration, to the sharing economy. Dobox, a social venture which Reveravit manages, directly helps with sharing, donations, and secondhand good exchanges.

Dobox came to existence after two painstaking moving experiences. While packing, they realized that a lot of valuable ‘stuff’ was being sold for almost nothing or being thrown away. In other words, the moving process was extremely wasteful.

After research, they realized that for the last ten years Korea’s rate of recycling domestic waste and trash hadn’t budged from 60%. To solve this problem, the youth started Dobox.

Doxbox’s social mission is to facilitate a convenient service that enables more people to participate in raising recycling rates.

When a reservation is made, the Dobox service team will arrive directly at your location and recycle the waste in the most appropriate manner. Within 2 weeks, the owner of the “stuff” will be given the amount the goods were bought for. Through this method, people can reduce the stress and frustration that accompanies transitioning to new homes through this donation and secondhand goods exchange process.


7. Appix : Picksell (


Picksell assists in exchanging secondhand baby products in the stead of busy mothers.
Picksell solves the problem of dealing with the looming mountain of baby products that accompanies growing children. With one touch of the Picksell Application, Picksell will arrive at your location and purchase the products. Unused products will be dealt with conveniently, appropriately, and safely, and be transformed into a product a child genuinely needs.


8. All about Kidsplay (


All about Kidsplay is a skill sharing platform that pairs new mothers with professionals from various fields of early childhood education. All about Kidsplay enables professionals of early childhood education to visit and help teach new mothers how to connect and play with their young children. This platform clearly acknowledges the fact that child play is extremely important in the development of the child’s intelligence, sociability, and creativity.

All about Kidsplay products source child playing methods and develops educational tools and toys. They provide products children can use themselves, or sensible products parents can use to play with their children.