Sowing the Seed of Sharing onto Business Startup


Recently, economic recession is interlinked with youth employment so that central government and local government are dedicated to supporting business start-up. Most of all, there is a rising interest about sharing economy which is use of idle resources to create new value. It is relatively easy to come up with a sharing idea, but it is not easy to complete a business. An indefinite idea must be sublated. People tend to think business start-up is creating entirely new, so it is often produce miserable results. Statistically, only two or three in a hundred team succeed in their business.


Therefore, Share Hub and OEC make <Sharing economy starting school>. It was time to agonize over whether to make a business from the idea of sharing economy or not. Also, it was time to confirm a business possibility with experts.


공유경제 시작학교


Sharing economy starting school went on 5 times classes with 20 participants at D.CAMP, Hub Seoul, and youth Hub. It is made up a variety of attendees from high school student to musician.




There had been a systemic process of class for understanding sharing and step-by-step instruction for business start-up. Founding takes a lot of risk so that it needs to proceed step by step. At first, student worked out their own schemes according to their own ideas for giving shape to a sharing plan. It is a necessary step for framing to be more specific. Then, 2nd step was drawing up business plan and presenting business model.



Sharing and sharing economy are good things, but ‘good will’ is not always leading a successful consequence. Especially, sharing economy is just beginning to make a mark, so it is difficult to build a successful business model. After building business model, online practice went off in order for branding their businesses and finding PR measure.




Also, attendees received Know-how from business people who already have experience in sharing economy through special lecture. It was meaningful time to listen substantive issues, and they shared stories about undergoing trial and error.




‘Airnbnb’ is a successful case of sharing economy. Actually, ‘Airbnb’ has a simple success factor that it was in harmony with idle space, developed IT technology, and SNS(Social Network Service). In this way, traveler could find a room quickly and safely, and residents could make a profit. Existing accommodation service ‘BnB(Bed and breakfast)’ is interlinked with internet and SNS so that it created new business model. Also, the service was getting the result of using an idle space.


The beginning point of sharing economy is not making entirely new, but it is a result of agony to find a way of using idle resources and inducing people to participate sharing. <Sharing economy starting school> ended, but 5 times of classes will be released soon in online. Also, 2nd turn will start. Please join us anyone who has interest in sharing economy.