Sowing the Seed of Starting School – Chak Han Hanbok, Kim Chang-ok




<sharing economy start school> was beginning last summer. It was time to agonize over whether to make a business from the idea of sharing economy or not. one of attendees, Changok Kim, had a good plan, and she started service based on 5 times classes.


The name of Chak Han Hanbok! (

Kim said that <sharing economy start school> was helpful, so we felt worth for last summer.






We interviewed Kim in writing. It could be helpful for someone who wants to establish a business based on sharing economy.



Q. Please introduce Chak Han Hanbok.

A. Chak Han Hanbok, which means good Korean traditional constume, is based on sharing economy web service. Hanbok is only wearing once or twice a year, so we help to connect between lender and borrower.


Q. Why did you named ‘Chak Han Hanbok’?

A. Hanbok is few chance to wear, and it is too expensive to buy, so I thought it was bad Hanbok. I would like to change this notion as good Hanbok which can cheaply wear whenever people want.


Q. Why did you have interests in sharing and sharing economy?


A. My hometown is Gwang-ju, Jeollanam-do, and I visit Seoul for training or meeting once a year. I sometimes drove my car, but there was no space for parking. There were many empty place only for resident parking though. I searched rental space business through the internet, but that kind of service existed only as internet community, so I decided to start a business for sharing parking space. At that time, I naturally got to know about sharing economy for preparing the business. Especially, I was fascinated to sharing economy after I donated my suit to ‘the Open Closet’.


Q. Why did you change your business from sharing parking space to sharing Hanbok in suddenly?


A. I became to have interests in marriage-related business such as dress, furnishing and wedding hall, when I got married. These days, we are able to compare a price, so it is cheaper price than in the past, but I thought the price was still not reasonable price especially Hanbok. In my case, I bought two Hanboks, and each of them was about $1000 in 2006. After marriage, however, I don’t have a chance to wear Hanbok, and there were many people like me who regretted to buy Hanbok. At that time, services related sharing economy sprang up in the broad fields, so I decided to use the concept of sharing economy. Also, Mr.Han who is representative of the Open Closet told me that Mayer Park Won-soon wanted to make a service for lending Hanbok instead of lending suit when he met Mayer Park Won-soon. I took courage from the talk.


Q. Do you have any difficulty from the beginning?


A. There are two sharing economy business related in clothes, ‘the Open Closet’ which is sharing suit and ‘Kiple’ which is sharing children clothes. Basically, they run through donation, so it requires a lot of work such as keeping clothes, laundry, helping person on with clothes, packing, and receiving. I would like to start at the online because it is more simple to handle.


Q. Is there any change after establishing bussiness?


A. I can’t tell this business begin yet in earnest, so I don’t think there are many changes. Just, I have confidence when I think I’m doing something new with new people, and I feel good I’m doing valuable work. Of course, I know how difficult establishing business is from my experience. I was alone to business, but now I have strong advocates who are members of ‘sharing economy start school’.


Q. I know you prepared the service for a long time. Why do you participate in ‘sharing economy starting school’?


A. I am working, so the progress was quite slow. Also, I wondered other’s thinking that my idea was useful or not. I thought it would be helpful in order to naturally investigate and develop my idea when I participated in ‘sharing economy start school’. Moreover, OEC would conduct this program, and I would very much appreciate an opportunity to meet with Jang Young-hwa, the representative of OEC.


Q. What was the most helpful thing during class?


A. I already wrote on a blog(, I took ‘commenceable courage’ from the class. I didn’t know what to do, and I have few opportunity to talk about my business. Taking class. I got chances to take a step forward by conversation among students and instructors.


Q. Please give a overall class review for the second turn students of sharing economy start school.


A. At the first time, I had few expectation for the school because each students had different starting point. However, instructors with various experiences in sharing economy gave a real lesson in order to ‘start’ a sharing economy business. Also, instructors helped us to develop idea on a weekly basis. In this way, we could support each other. For example, one student was preparing online guitar class, and another student who planed to lend musical instruments could help by support guitar. The other student assisted through making online brochure. I was very impressed that people shared their own talent each others.


Q. Who was the most memorable person for operating Chak Han Han Bok ?


A. The most memorable person is Han Man-il, the representative of ‘the Open Closet’, who is my hearted mentor. Donating clothes to ‘the Open Closet’ was my first experience for sharing economy, and He gave step-by-step tips for proceeding with ‘Chak Han Hanbok’. I learned a lot of things from the beginning of ‘the Open Closet’ and now on. Also, I learned how to publicize the concept of sharing economy and develop sharing economy. I agreed that we don’t starve to death even we do business based on sharing economy. I hope Mr.Han continuosly helps more.^^


Q. What do you want to actualize through Chak Han Han Bok ?


A. My brother got married with Chinese person and held a wedding in Chinese way, but she wore Hanbok at the last ceremony and received fervent response. Through Chak Han Hanbok , I want to freely lend Hanbok to bride of multicultural family as a role of social enterprise. Also, I want to let people know there is another way to prepare Hanbok for special day, as sharing, so that I want to contribute sharing awareness.


We wear Hanbok on special day, so that we have to buy Hanbok at a high price or give it up. However, I hope that people use Chak Han Hanbok  and wear good Hanbok.