Sowing the Seed of Starting School – Yeol Lin Chaek Jang, Kang Hwa-pyung



<sharing economy start school> was beginning last summer. It was time to agonize over whether to make a business from the idea of sharing economy or not.



There was a young man who came to Seoul and back to Daejeon every weekends of August. The concept of sharing economy was relatively unknown at provincial cities, so he wanted to get information about sharing economy. His passion for learning was amazing. Also, he showd his leadership as a leader of class. He opened his service, Yeol Lin Chaek Jang, which means ‘the open bookshelf’. (



People guessed and inquired the service about making or sharing furniture. He wants to remove the misunderstanding! Yeol Lin Chaek Jang is a service for helping to share a bookshelf list and book.




We interviewed Kim in writing. It could be helpful for someone who wants to establish a business based on sharing economy.



1. Please introduce Yeol Lin Chaek Jang.


Yeol Lin Chaek Jang is the service of sharing bookshelf. It is the service of sharing book, but to be exact, it is for sharing book in the bookshelf. Anyone can register bookshelf and sharing.


2. Why did you named ‘Yeol Lin Chaek Jang’?


I tried naming which gave an impression on participating all together. There were several nominee, such as ‘everybody’s bookshelf’, ‘public bookshelf’, ‘sharing bookshelf’, ‘participating bookshelf’ and ‘village bookshelf’. I took the best ‘Yeol Lin Chaek Jang, the open bookshelf’ because this name has connotations of participating everyone who want. Well, our company is not well-known yet, so still, I received telephone inquiry to ask furniture. At the first time, I was embarrassed, but I am used to it now.



3. Is there any reason to emphasize the book ‘in the bookshelf’?


People understood sharing books as the concept of recycling and told me they have books to throw away at first. However, I want to ‘reuse’ than ‘recycle’. Therefore, I emphasize sharing books in the bookshelf.



4. Why did you start the service?


I want to ask first. “what does your bookshelf do in your house?” – I think it is ‘grave of books’. Of course, there are many people who read a lot of books, but there are also many people who bury books and throw away when they have new book. Hence, I would like to make the best use of buried books through the service. The service is not open yet. We are in ‘seed stage’ and absorbing the nutrition from training and mentoring. I think people could rent books if people know who have what kinds of books.



5. Why did you have interests in sharing and sharing economy?


Yeol Lin Chaek Jang’ is participating in rearing enterprise for social entrepreneur promotion support business. Additionally, ‘rearing enterprise for social entrepreneur’ is a project to provide working place, training, network, and support fund for social entrepreneur. Daejeon city has consignment organization, Co.the Grassroots. When I got mentoring there, I knew what ‘sharing economy’ and realized I am doing sharing economy.


6. Do you have any difficulty from the beginning?


A lot of people tried to stop me from opening the business. a second-hand bookshop and bookstore is disappearing, and electronic book and small library is increasing, so I received negative reactions. Especially, when I interviewed an owner of second-hand bookshop for market research, he advised not to start the service. However, the reason I am still fascinated in sharing books is I love books. After sharing books, I have more books than before because person shares books as long as I share books. Is it fascinated you to rent books without going to library?



7. What kinds of efforts need for the future?


Sharing economy is quite new concept to the public. I think it needs to consistently study about sharing economy and participate in related meeting. I tried to let all the people know the concept of sharing economy through Facebook ( and blog ( Also I shared my books in compelling way^^, then some people return a borrowed book and some people give their own books. Above all, it gives opportunity to meet again. There are no earning models yet, but I am trying to search it while I am doing this activity.



8. Why do you participate in ‘sharing economy starting school’?


“Consider joining this training~”

When I agonized about sharing economy, Kang Young-hee who chief of the Grassroots center recommended me to take a class at sharing economy starting school. I was worried about admission to a school because it was highly competitive, so I was very happy to get a text message of acceptance. I didn’t mind going from Daejeon to Seoul.



9. What was the most helpful thing during class?


“Business model”

I wanted to make a service for simply sharing at first, but the plan changed several times. I tried to persuade colleagues of starting school in many ways, but I could not convince all of them because there is no service better than library, and I had to solve a problem of shipping charge. My business model was terrible, so I had to look for alternative for making a profits every week, and it became complicated. I went through various virtual experience, and I found the lack of business model. Therefore, my conclusion was that I have to make steady progress with value of ‘sharing’ than to concentrate on finding ‘business model’.



I tried to persuade colleagues of starting school in many ways, but I could not convince all of them.

– Harsh colleague of sharing economy starting school at some time.


10. Please give a overall class review.


“Heart fluttering”

I participated in class like going on travel. I always felt my heart fluttering before on Saturday, and I enjoyed class without awareness of the passage of time. Everyone took a really active part in the class. If you wonder why, then participate it^^



11. Who was the most memorable person for operating Yeol Lin Chaek Jang?


“I felt warm human affection and thanks by sharing book.”

“Sharing mine first so that I can gain a bigger thing.”

I sent sixty books as a present to person who is a sign language interpreter. As a result, I got a hundred of books as donation because bookshelf was already full of books. I learned that I have to share mine first in order to earn more things. exchanging books, I shared warm human affection and thanks.



12.I think exchange between communities is important in order for operating this service. How do you seek a way to interact other?


The service open day is not much time remaining. I would like to approach near area, so I want to guide actual participation with my village people. Also, I plan to use SNS(Social Network Service) to record fun thing.


13. What do you want to actualize through Yeol Lin Chaek Jang?


“Making everyone’s bookshelf as open bookshelf.”

I imagine that everyone open their bookshelf like Facebook and homepage.


– At the apartment, “Mom, can I go to #101 for borrowing books?”

– At the college, “Professor, I will go to borrow a book in your open bookshelf.”

– At meeting, “I have a open bookshelf. Anyone need my books? I will bring it.”

– At the school, “Hey, I need your book in your open bookshelf.”

– At the book cafe, “Can I borrow a book in the bookshelf?”

“Steady managed open bookshelf”

I would like to operate the open bookshelf at the busy thoroughfare later on. I saw many ‘conscience bookshelf’ was emptied. No one maintain it, and it would take step to tear down. I don’t want to blame it, such as ‘people don’t have conscience.’, ‘people have low level of consciousness.’, and ‘people don’t have responsibility.” I am just happy to think in this way; presenting book to people.

I would like to make well managed ‘the open bookshelf’. I look forward to sharing everyone’s bookshelf, and there are no buried book.