The 3rd Sharing Economy Start School Commenced!

On Saturday afternoon, June 20, the 3rd Sharing Economy Start School commenced at the auditorium (the ‘Pumda’ Hall) of Seoul NPO Center, with a welcome rain after a week-long dry spell.

The Sharing Economy Start School is organized by the Seoul Government, hosted by Open Entrepreneur Center that offers entrepreneurial education services, and sponsored by Seoul NPO Center. For this year’s first day program, alumni of the 1st and 2nd Sharing Economy Start School took their time to help organizing and managing the event, generously passing on and sharing what they have learnt to the freshmen.


Here’s a round-up of the event written by Suhyeon Jin, an alumnus of the 1st Sharing Economy Start School who visited to see the event.




Around 20 people who have lots of interest in the sharing economy and who aspire to develop ideas on how to make a better world and how to do whatever they like to do gathered together to listen to inspiring talks and to exchange ideas.




“Understanding the sharing economy and sharing economy business practices” was the topic of the first class which was started with a talk by Yeonghwa Jang, CEO of OEC. Jang gave an overview of what sharing economy is and how it began, and helped participants easily understand the recent development where sharing culture that has long been appreciated in our tradition meet IT and gain a new life.




Next speaker was Soryeong Kim, CEO of Open Closet, as a sharing economy entrepreneur. Kim told personal stories of her career to date, including her years at the Social Desginer School back in 2011, which gave inspiration to the passionate participants. In addition to practical advice, she also shared some of her own experience; for example, she always adhered to the company’s principle of turning idle resources to useful assets and managed to upcycle almost-unrecyclable clothes; and for her, sharing resources is not just about economic benefits but also about forming bonds with others.




After the break, partipants were given an opportunity to share their sharing economy ideas and to team up to develop the ideas to create synergy. In the end, participants were grouped around several ideas such as space sharing, upcycling, legal services, and goods sharing ideas and had a focused group discussion.


There are many positive feedback from participants, including: it was nice to meet various people and to exchange various ideas and views with them; the event was useful because it gave a rare opportunity to listen to the stories of CEOs who were active in the field; and the program helped have a clear understanding of what the sharing economy is, etc. Some people also commented that it could have been better if they had more time – which demonstrates a successful start of this year’s Sharing Economy Start School that is scheduled to run for 6 years.


We wish all the best to all participants as well as those who made this event possible despite the unfriendly weather, and hope they have a great time further developing their innovative ideas on the next Sharing Economy Start School day.