Visiting to the Village Market Dal-market

Sharing has become a popular cultural context with wider variety of fields. Market is one of places to feel the impact of shared culture. Market is the very place to revive local community in order for processing sharing activity.

Recently, there are similar scenes of spontaneous market for sharing Home-grown vegetable, person’s own making item and food around the city. Therefore, Share Hub visited ‘Yeongdeungpo-gu Dal-market’ where is made up local residents, cultural plan makers, and artists.


‘Yeongdeungpo-gu Dal-market’ is hold on the last Friday of every month from May to October (except July). It opens from 5pm to 9pm when the time is below the moon, so it called Dal-market(moon market). Although weather turned cold, the market heated up with many visitors.


The market is hold with different theme every month. The theme of August was ‘health’. it was made up 4 streets(dexterity, sharing, food, experience) and 2 garden(theme, festival). Many things scattered on the markets from fresh food ingredients like vegetable grown by city farmers to handmade milk jam. Especially, food alley was running out in an instant.


Also, sharing alley and experience alley attracted the gaze. Sharing alley is a kind of flea market to share unwearable clothes, unused toy, and more idle items. In many case, many idle items are sold by people who already had experience in buying necessary item with cheap price. passing unused items on to another person who needs is no longer unfamiliar sight. However, one thing that people were not likely to imagine to share was a stage beetle. It was so impressive sharing that a boy captured a stage beetle alive in back of village mountain.


At the experience alley, it was held on workshop titled ‘playing to make a healthy relationship’. Regardless of age, people met village friends in Dal-market and made a new relationship. Children played game of slap-match and drew in stone. Playing with friends is always better than playing with newest toy.



Besides, Dal-market prepared a wide variety of events and performances. I would recommend spending time there with village residents.


– Dal Market Homepage

Market place where is full of things to see, eat and buy is meaningful because of spreading shared culture and connecting with local residents. This kind of village market is happening now in many other region.


1. Guro-gu ‘Byul-Byul Market (the fourth of Friday on Aug~Oct / 5pm-9pm / at Guro neighborhood park)

Byul-Byul market is made by Guro-gu residents who directly made a plan and progressed plan. ‘Byul’ means star, and also, ‘Byul-Byul’ means ‘all sorts of’. Therefore, Byul-Byul market means ‘a starry night, all sorts of people talk about all sorts of story.’ This market is planned for discovering Guro and having a real fun thing with social enterpriser. There are many kinds of entertainment such as market radio, workshop, quiz show, and so on.


2. Cultural Market in Gangbuk Town ‘Tal Tal Tal’ (the fourth of Saturday / 2pm – 5pm (May, October) / 3pm – 6pm (June to September) / in front of Gangbuk gu-office)

This market is made by local teenagers. ‘Tal’ means exodus, so it aim at exodus from generations, culture, region. ‘Tal Tal Tal’ pursue a market that everyone can enjoy participating without distinction of buyer and seller. Anything can be shared, and anyone can participate in this cultural market. Especially, there are many event which is reflected in fresh ideas of teenagers.