We Want to Share What Happened at CC Conference!



On October 31st Thursday, CC Conference ‘공유본색(“The Real Face of Sharing”)’ was held at D.CAMP. It was an opportunity to listen to lectures from people with various background, learn ways of perceiving the essential of sharing from different angles, and imagine the possible changes that sharing can make together.


Many people presented even before the conference began. We had a short conversation with the audience to inform what CC is, especially for the first-time visitors. Some showed their interests to CC Korea pamphlets and leaflets.




Session 1. Firstly, Judge Yoon Jongsu gave a speech titled “The Relationship of Creation and Sharing,” about the cruciality of sharing in a strategical manner for a sustainable creation environment. According to him, the puropose of copyright and CC is not only for profits but also for incentives of various creation spectrum. Also, he insisted that we should blur the lines between the market and the non-market, and the value of non-market should be acheived through the proper function of the market.



Yoon Jong Su, the Northern district judge


CC컨퍼런스 공유본색 1 윤종수 from Creative Commons Korea


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] 창작과 공유의 관계 – 윤종수 판사 from cckorea on Vimeo


The second topic was “Internet Activism, Sharing Movement” by Dr. Lee Jin Soon. She discussed how human beings who are egoistic to pursue profit can share and cooperate with giving examples and theories. For example, She illustrated “Wikipedia” case in detail to emphasize knowledge can be more wholesome when shared and invite many participants. Also, she mentioned “worse is better,” which means results can be better when people share the process with others rather than making something alone perfectly from the beginning.



Ph.D Lee Jin Soon


CC컨퍼런스 공유본색 2 이진순 from Creative Commons Korea


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] 인터넷 액티비즘, 공유운동 – 이진순 박사 from cckorea on Vimeo


Mr. Song Ho Jun gave the third speech with a topic “Sharing What Other People Say I am Crazy.” He talked about the reasons why he launched an individual satellite. The most memorable saying was that ‘Constant creation is about breaking the authority of creation through opening the content to public, then make another overcoming the former creation.’ He wants to create new things and share them with the world.



Song Ho Jun, The Media Aritst


CC컨퍼런스 공유본색 3 송호준 from Creative Commons Korea


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] 남들이 말하는 미친 짓을 공유하다 – 송호준 미디어아트작가 from cckorea on Vimeo




Lastly, we had a Q&A time with the three speakers to finish the first session. Through many questions, it was a good time to think more in depth. After a short break, the second session was waiting for the audience with more particular sharing examples.


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] 세션 1 질의응답 from cckorea on Vimeo.



Session2. Mr. Ryu Hyung Kyu, the master of ManiaDB gave a speech about “How Geeks Change the World.” He said that thousands of services could be made from a well arranged source. His data can be used for someone else’s start-up business. He would like to share the ‘possibility’ in order to suggest others making a lof of fun things out of his data. He showed non-programers getting to know another way of sharing.



Mr. Ryu Hyung Kyu, the master of ManiaDB


CC컨퍼런스 공유본색 4 류형규 from Creative Commons Korea


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] Geek이 세상을 바꾼다 – 류형규 매니아DB 운영자 from cckorea on Vimeo.


Mr. Han Ho from Korea Copyright Commission talked about “Creation from the Past Transforms into Things of Present”. While volunteers mainly work for shared contents in most countries, Korean government leadingly participates on shared work field. He introuduced what kinds of works are in progress on the Korea Copyright Commission website. For instance, promoting creation using copyright expired contents, securing the supply of shared contents, etc.



Mr. Han Ho, The leader of distribution-promotion Team at Korea Copyright Commission


CC컨퍼런스 공유본색 5 한호 from Creative Commons Korea


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] 과거의 창작물이 현대의 창작물로 변신하다 – 한호 저작권위원회 from cckorea on Vimeo.


Mr. Han Sang Yeob, the Co-Founder of experience sharing platform ‘Wisdome,’ had a presentation of “Dreaming of Equal Society as Sharing Experiences.” He shared the Wisdome’s vision with analyzing contempletion of social captital. He would like to contribute to people sharing wisdom and experiences so that more opened society can be made. Wisdome will soon upgrade its interface from ‘human experience shopping mall’ to ‘human library.’



Mr. Han Sang Yeob, the Co-Founder of  ‘Wisdome’


CC컨퍼런스 공유본색 6 한상엽 from Creative Commons Korea


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] 경험의 공유로 기회가 평등한 사회를 꿈꾸다 – 한상엽 위즈돔 대표 from cckorea on Vimeo.
Mr. Do Hee Sung, the Co-Founder ‘Wantreez Music,’ gave a speech about the use of CCL music for his bussiness. He described his experience making CCL music business workable in Korean market and and explained what kind of value that sharing can bring.



Mr. Do Hee Sung, the Co-Founder ‘Wantreez Music’


CC컨퍼런스 공유본색 7 도희성 from Creative Commons Korea


[CC컨퍼런스 공유본색] CCL 음원을 활용한 비지니스 – 도희성 원트리뮤직 대표 from cckorea on Vimeo.


After all the presentations, a casual beer party was held for more free environment for talking and mingling among the speakers and the audience. Some said this was the best part of the night.



[CC 컨퍼런스 공유본색] 스케치 영상 from cckorea on Vimeo.


Through the conference, people could realize that “sharing” was closer and easier than they thought, and it has power to chage the society. Thanks for coming, everyone!